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Yeronga (Post Code 4104)

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Yeronga is a Brisbane suburb located 7 kilometres from the central business district (CBD). Located adjacent to Fairfield and not far from Greenslopes, Yeronga is a leafy riverside suburb that provides easy access to the city, universities, parks and schools in Brisbane. This quiet suburb is wonderful for families, as well as for students, young professionals and established couples. Its quiet nature and sense of community also makes it a great place for retirees and those who wish to settle down.

Demographics and Housing Styles

The majority of houses in Yeronga are older brick houses and beautiful heritage listed Queenslanders. Due to a large growth in residents in recent years, there are also plenty of apartment blocks that have been constructed. For those who want to enjoy the simplicity of apartment living, but enjoy having a small garden or courtyard, there is also an abundance of Townhouses.

The majority Yeronga residents are independent youth and students, as well as a large number of young and established couples. There are also a number of young families. The median age of residents is 34, which is 3 years below the national average. There are an equal number of female and male residents.


The name Yeronga is derived from the aboriginal words yarung (meaning sandy or gravelly) and ba (meaning place). The first inhabitants of Yeronga were the Jagera people.

Like many Brisbane suburbs, Yeronga’s land was used for agricultural purposes after the European settlement in the 1800’s. The most common agricultural farms were dairy farms. Crops were also grown, such as maize, sugar cane and cotton. The last farm in Yeronga was subdivided and sold off in the 1950’s. This area has been an established residential suburb ever since.

Public Transport

The most popular form of transport in Yeronga is the train, due to the convenient location of the train station. The Beenleigh line allows travellers access to the CBD. There are also a number of Brisbane city bus services that stop in Yeronga, which also allows for quick and easy access to the CBD and other Brisbane suburbs.


There are two main shopping strips in Yeronga, located on Fairfield Road. Fairfield Road is located opposite the railway station. The shopping strips provide access to grocery stores, a post office, fruit and vegetable stores, a butcher and a bottle shop. These strips are also the main social hubs, with cafes, restaurants and bars.

For the young families and established couples, there are a number of schools located within or within close proximity to Yeronga. There are both public and private primary schools, as well as high schools. The Eleanor Schonnel Bridge also connects the nearby Dutton Park to The University of Queensland, making it the perfect suburb for independent youth and students.

The number of play parks, family friendly amenities and sense of community, makes Yeronga the perfect suburb for those looking for a quiet place to live while still maintaining a close proximity to the city and surrounding areas.

Choosing the right suburb for you can be a daunting or challenging task. If you think Yeronga is the right suburb for you and are interested in Yeronga rentals and what’s available, contact us and we’ll help you find your ideal home.

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