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Kangaroo Point Qld (Post Code 4169)

If you’re on the hunt for an investment property opportunity close to the Brisbane CBD, look no further than Kangaroo Point. This bustling inner-city suburb is situated on an iconic peninsula formed from harder rhyolite rock that has withstood the ebbs and flows of the Brisbane River for millennia. Located directly east of the CBD on the southern side of the river, Brisbane’s magnificent Story Bridge connects the peninsula to the City Centre on its northern tip.

As if its ideal central location weren’t enough, there is a wealth of other benefits and attractions that make Kangaroo Point an ideal destination for tenants looking for a great place to rent. Property Management in this suburb is one of our favourite specialties. From its rich history as one of Brisbane’s oldest settlements to its convenient transport options, diverse housing styles, and abundance of amenities, Kangaroo Point has it all for savvy real estate investors and landlords.

History of Kangaroo Point:

Kangaroo Point has changed a lot since its days as an industrial hub. Nevertheless, modern Kangaroo Point manages to retain its unique and rich heritage even though it’s now a high-density residential area.

The area is the traditional home of the Turrbal people but was originally cleared for growing food to feed the penal settlement at Morton Bay. When free settlers arrived in 1841, many of them settled in Kangaroo Point and the first blocks of real estate were sold in 1843. Police Magistrate Captain JC Wickham, and surveyor James Warner were amongst the earliest landowners. The latter built the first house in the suburb in 1844.

Courtesy of its location along the mighty Brisbane River, Kangaroo Point is steeped in maritime history. Local industrial activity revolved around shipbuilding and steam locomotives and their heavy engineering factories dominating the landscape. Today some of these old historic buildings have been redeveloped into high-rise accommodation.

These and modern towering apartment blocks now dominate the once-industrial landscape across the northern tip of the peninsula, producing a blend of heritage and modernity that adds character and charm to the historic suburb.

Transport Options For Residents Of Kangaroo Point

Kangaroo Point enjoys easy access to major roads and public transport. The 6-lane Main Street and Story Bridge connect the suburb with the city. From here, Fortitude Valley, South Brisbane, East Brisbane, and the city Central Business District are just a short walk. New Farm is not even too far away – giving access to the much loved New Farm Park.

Good bus services and several ferry terminals provide convenient access into the Central Business District. Similarly, there are seamless travel options to most other parts of the city. Whatever your preferred mode of transport – bike, car, public transport, or on foot – getting places is easy and convenient.

Kangaroo Point Housing Styles

Although Kangaroo Point is known for its predominantly high-rise apartments, the suburb is not just about high-rise living. Indeed, depending on where you are in the suburb, it offers a diverse range of housing styles from low-medium-density apartments to historic Queenslander-type houses. These all help make it an appealing location for potential renters and property buyers.

In fact, hunting for an excellent piece of Brisbane real estate in Kangaroo Point provides you the freedom to pick how to appeal to various tenant groups, whether they be young professionals seeking a fashionable inner-city lifestyle or families looking for large and comfortable houses. Either way, a Kangaroo Point investment property address is definitely an asset in your property portfolio.

Amenities For Kangaroo Point Residents:

Kangaroo Point is home to an impressive array of amenities, making it an attractive place to live, and own investment rental properties. The surrounding suburbs – Fortitude Valley, New Farm, Woolloongabba, East Brisbane, and South Brisbane are all within easy walking distance and add to the range of amenities available.

Shopping Kangaroo Point Style

From the wide range of boutique shops within the suburb, to its proximity to the renowned Queen Street Mall just a short trip across the Brisbane River, there’s plenty on offer for shopping enthusiasts.

There isn’t a major shopping centre within the suburb. However, Gabba Central, Princess Plaza, and Southpoint South Bank are all conveniently located in neighbouring suburbs just a few minutes drive from anywhere in Kangaroo Point.

Wining And Dining In Kangaroo Point Qld

The dining scene in Kangaroo Point is also vibrant, with many river front restaurants, cafes, and bars to choose from. The diverse cuisines and great food they serve up, plus the incredible water views as the Brisbane River flows by, definitely make this a foodies delight.

One of the most iconic pubs in Brisbane, the Story Bridge Hotel, is located on the Kangaroo Point side of the Story Bridge on Main Street. Another hugely popular venue, the Bar Spritz café, is located atop the Kangaroo Point cliffs with some spectacular views of the river and CBD.

Healthcare Facilities and Services For Kangaroo Point Residents

Residents of Kangaroo Point have access to quality healthcare facilities, another reason this area is ideally located for property investors. It is close to St Vincent’s Private Hospital and Brisbane Mater Hospital, and has a number of medical centres and various other health facilities both within Kangaroo Point and neighbouring suburbs.

Schools And Childcare Facilities In Kangaroo Point

For families looking to rent or buy property in Kangaroo Point, there are excellent schools and childcare centres available. St Joseph’s School is a private primary school located in the southern end of the suburb. Further to this, Kangaroo Point lies within the catchment area of East Brisbane State School and Coorparoo Secondary College.

Kangaroo Point Parks and Outdoor Facilities

Even though Kangaroo Point covers just 130 hectares or 322 acres of prime real estate in Brisbane, it’s certainly not short on outdoor activities and facilities. Scenic Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park is an extremely popular destination for both locals and visitors, featuring rock climbing and great cycling or walking routes. But – if a shaded river front picnic retreat is more your style, Captain Burke Park is the perfect destination.

Indeed, with its riverfront and breathtaking views, Kangaroo Point offers ample opportunities for residents to enjoy the outdoors. These, along with Kangaroo Point’s many other amenities, make this a superb place to find your next investment property. However, ensuring you have the right agent,  property managers, and property management services team, is key to making rental properties profitable, even here.

Pick of the Suburbs

Could Kangaroo Point be the pick of the suburbs for your next real estate purchase or rental property? Built on the harder rhyolite rock peninsula formed by the Brisbane River, it consistently stands out as one of the top suburbs in Brisbane. Centrally located with a unique blend of sleek modern apartment towers and heritage high-rises in the north towards the Story Bridge, to charming heritage homes and Queenslander-type houses in the southern end, Kangaroo Point caters to a range of home preferences and budgets.

A Real Estate Investor’s Dream

It has a vibrant community, enjoys proximity to entertainment precincts in the city and, with excellent amenities, is a hotspot for real-estate property investors, rental tenants, and home owners alike. Investing in property here will position you very well. You’ll be set to capitalise on the growing demand and good rental returns. Furthermore, there’s also the anticipated long-term appreciation potential Kangaroo Point offers.

Position One Property – Professional Property Managers And Real Estate Agents

The success of any investment property requires a good partnership with a trusted and experienced property management agency. Position One Property is a leading property management company and real estate agency in the area. We know the local property and rental market backwards and can find you the perfect property or properties to rent out. It may be something in the low medium-density apartments. Or it could be a property in the predominantly high rise apartments areas. Or even, an historic Queenslander-style house property.

Why Choose Us For Your Property Management Services

Our property management team of highly experienced and dedicated property managers can manage your properties for you. We are committed to, and can deliver, a full suite of personal services tailored to your individual requirements. Indeed, with a focus on service excellence, our property management Kangaroo Point team takes great pride in providing the same level of personal service – sales and management – to all our clients, landlords and tenants alike. So why not contact our office today for the very best property management Kangaroo Point deal, and agent, you’ll find anywhere in Brisbane.


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