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Founded 2001

Position One Property was founded over 20 years ago by Luc Iovenitti. After leaving the corporate world, where he had spent 30 years in various executive positions, there were further meaningful goals and adventures Luc wished to pursue!

Position One Property origins

Having always had the desire to run his own business, Luc entered the world of real estate in Brisbane. Here, he applied his earlier career experience and insights into sales, processes and customer care to focus on quality, professional, full-service property management.

property management Camp Hill

Innovative Approach

Position One Property is an innovative and unique company, specializing in property management solutions. Originally centred on the suburb of Camp Hill, services now extend to cover much of southeast Queensland.

In 2022 Luc commenced a The Property Management Help Line which offers assistance to building better property managers.

Position One Property Director

Little known fun fact!

During his previous corporate life he had also walked the path of being a successful women’s football (soccer) coach! In this role, which spanned over 25 years Luc experienced the amazing resilience and teamwork of women under his tutelage.

Philosophy for Success

Luc has a simple philosophy. It is that the people at Position One Property are happy and wanting to be better today than yesterday.

The secret ingredient to successfully and professionally managing property? It is having great property managers on board who understand and deliver trust and outcomes. With a stream of 5 star reviews flowing in each and every week, the Position One Property team are clearly delivering on promises.

Many of the team members at Position One Property have been on board for a number of years. With head office still conveniently located in Camp Hill, Position One Property has one of the highest team retention rates in Australia.

Service to Others

Ever a believer in giving back to the environment which sustains us, Position One Property has partnered with Rainforest Rescue. Luc explains that for each and every client, present and future, a tree will be planted. To read more about this partnership HERE.

Position One Property and Rainforest Rescue partnership

Achieving Success

Luc is committed to a lifetime of learning and growing so he can be the change that others require. Having a philosophy to empower others and leading by example, it’s easy to see why Position One Property thrives after more than 20 years!

Get in touch

Do you have a general enquiry or something specific we can help you with? Do contact us today. Our team at Head Office in Camp Hill and our Northern Suburbs team look forward to serving you with a smile!

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