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Holland Park (Post Code 4121)

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Holland Park is a Brisbane, Queensland suburb located just 6 kilometres from the central business district (CBD). Similar to suburbs such as Cooparoo and Greenslopes, this hilly suburb is known for its quiet, leafy roads and historical architecture. It is made up of residential housing, as well as some factory and industrial areas.

It is the perfect location for young couples and families who wish to be near the city. The public transport also makes this the perfect suburb for those who need to commute to the city or other suburbs in Brisbane.

Holland Park is the ultimate location for those who want to live in a quiet leafy suburb while still maintaining a close proximity to the city and still be able to enjoy the amenities available.

Housing Style and Demographics

Holland Park is a historical Brisbane suburb made up of older Queenslander style homes and buildings. Many of its houses are heritage listed and are an important part of Brisbane’s history.

A majority of Holland Park’s residents are young couples, young and established families, as well as a number of retirees. Due to its proximity to the city, there are also a number of professionals who take advantage of the short 15-minute commute into the CBD. The median age of residents is 35, which is two years younger than the national average. There are an equal number of male and female residents.


The name Holland park originated from its original owner, Mr. Julius Holland. He owned a large estate and scrub land that was known as ‘Holland Estate’. This estate was sold in 1882 and is now known as the suburb ‘Holland Park’. Trams were this suburbs main way of transportation until 13 April, 1969.

Public Transport

There is a busway that makes transport by bus an easy option for those who need to commute. There are a number of Brisbane bus services that go through the busway and stop at Holland Park.

Shops and Amenities

Holland Park is home to a number of family friendly play parks, making it the perfect location for young families. There are also a number of schools to choose from. Neighbouring suburbs such as Cooparoo and Greenslopes are also home to a number of public and private schools. This makes it perfect for the families who wish to enjoy the suburban lifestyle while maintaining a close proximity to the city.

There are a number of shops, such as supermarkets, salons, a post office and chemists. Plenty of clothing boutiques are also available to choose from. There are numerous coffee shops and cafes, as well as bars for those who enjoy the night life. Neighbouring suburbs such Coorparoo and Greenslopes also have a number of amenities such as movie theatres, shopping centres and social hubs such as Stone’s Corner.

Choosing the right suburb to suit you is an important and often challenging task. If you think Holland Park rentals might be right for you, contact us today and we will help you find your dream home.

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