Safety Switch qld

Do You Have a Safety Switch in Your Rental Property?

Landlord Alert: Queensland legislation states that owners of domestic rental accommodation must install a safety switch in a rental property if one is not already fitted.   This is so occupants of every property are protected from electric shock.  If your rental property does not have a safety switch installed you must immediately arrange installation…Read More→

Rental Property with a Pool

Own a Rental Property With a Pool? What to Know.

What happens if you have a rental property with a pool? In case you are uncertain or unaware of the swimming pool laws in Queensland, there have been relatively recent changes.  And there is no longer any excuse for not taking action to make pools safe.  Whether property owner with or tenant in a rental…Read More→

Blind Cords

Blind Cords and Curtain Pulls – SAFETY ALERT

Recent changes in the safety requirements for homes have spread the responsibility for home safety to everyone involved.  Whether you own your home, you’re a landlord or a tenant, some responsibility falls to you.  There are now equal responsibilities to ensure that internal window coverings involving curtain and blind cords are safe for children.  Even…Read More→

Smoke alarms in rental properties

Smoke Alarms in Rental Properties – What You Need to Know

Smoke alarms in rental properties are serious business.  Indeed, smoke alarms in any properties are serious business!  Smoke alarms save lives. Read our introductory guide here and bookmark the links we’ve provided for you.  Knowing your responsibilities, and what actions you can take with regards to smoke alarms, is everyone’s business. Smoke Alarms in Rental…Read More→

Air Conditioner for Rental Property

An Air Conditioner for Rental Property – Good Investment or Not?

Is an Air Conditioner for Rental Property a Good Investment – or Not? We all know about those hot sticky nights when there is little or no breeze, and the humidity is stuck on 98%.  Sometimes there is no alternative other than to run the air conditioner all night.  The risk of waking up grumpy…Read More→

Rental Agreement

What is the Average Length of a Tenancy Agreement?

When it comes to a renting out your home, one of the most important factors to consider is determining how long the Tenancy Agreement is going to be for. The most common Tenancy Agreement is a fixed term one, due to the security it can provide. Fixed terms can be of any length that is…Read More→

Rental Property Depreciation

Rental Property Depreciation – Q&A

DISCLAIMER: We are not financial advisors and none of the following information is offered as financial advice.  It is up to you to seek your own independent financial advice.  We do recommend seeking the services of a qualified and experienced Tax Accountant.  They should be an expert in dealing with property portfolios, and ideally is…Read More→

What’s Hot This Christmas in Brisbane?

The festive season is upon us and before we head off and share it with our families, we want to make sure you have everything you need over the break.  Christmas is a time to get together with family or loved ones, and no matter how you like to celebrate, there’s many options of things…Read More→

Property Management Services

How Property Management Services Help You Avoid the Tribunal

If the word ‘tribunal’ makes you break into a sweat, chances are you haven’t used property management services before. Unfortunately, matters between landlords and tenants can occasionally arise.  No matter how big or small, they can get out of hand when not dealt with correctly. There are many ins and outs pertaining to rights, responsibilities…Read More→

Property Management Companies

Property Management Companies – The Big, The Small and The Right One for You

Choosing from an array of property management companies can be a difficult decision. Should you go for the big names? Opt for more personalised service? Go with the recommendation of friends in your local area? The most important thing to remember is that your property manager makes vital decisions on your behalf. Given this, one…Read More→