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Property Managers Brisbane

We have a vacancy rate that is consistently sitting under the Brisbane average.  This means we are filling our properties with top quality tenants quickly – often above market rates. We consistently achieve this by having a specialist team of Property Managers who have all, individually, been in the industry for over 18 years.

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We understand today’s cost pressures when owning an investment property and we listen to what our owners have to say.  This is why we offer tailored management packages to suit our owners requirements and budget.  As property managers Brisbane property owners have known and trusted since 2001, you are in good hands.

“We want to manage YOUR PROPERTY”

Our fees and packages are competitive compared to our competitors.  But it’s not only our fees that set us apart.  We offer something much more important. Our longevity in the industry offers you security in knowing you are getting one of the best Property Managers Brisbane has available to manage your precious asset.

For more information call us on 07 3843 4511 .

Property Managers Brisbane

What We Do For You

How To Become A Client

Position One Property has been offering unique and specialised property management solutions since 2001. Our experienced team are dedicated to delivering and maintaining a high level of service to each and every owner and tenant.  For us, the key to our success is the longevity of our team.  This means you can be secure in knowing that you have someone who cares about your property as much as you do.

Securing Tenants

  • We have a specialist tenancy database system that we utilize, which keeps us up to date with pre-approved tenants ready to move into suitable properties. The system implemented by Position One is helping us fill properties faster with higher quality tenants. Our online application and booking process is keeping our vacancy rate at record lows. This new system, is not only helping our landlords, but also making it easier for our prospective tenants find and apply for properties.
  • You will be appointed a Senior Property Manager and these Managers have assistance for administrative duties such as filing, advertising etc, which means your Manager has more time to spend on your property needs.
  • We process tenancy applications as a matter of urgency; conducting all reference checks (current living i.e. home ownership or rental reference), confirm employment, personal/character reference checks, and tenancy default database checks.
  • The applicant is then presented to you for your feedback, thoughts, and questions.
  • Once approved, we present the approved applicant with the tenancy agreement to sign and return within 24 hours; they will at this time be required to deposit, into our account, the initial two weeks rent and full bond (4 weeks rent).
  • Once this has been secured, we would then remove your property from all marketing portals.

Ongoing Management

  • Your point of contact for all day to day dealings will be your Senior Property Manager who arranges any maintenance required, performs the routine inspections, and contacts owners and tenants regarding any matter relating to that property.
  • Once the tenant is in place in the property, we allow them 3 months to settle in before we do our first routine inspection; and you are more than welcome to come along. Routine inspections are completed regularly, with written reports sent to you after each one (photos of your property are also included). They outline any maintenance concerns, overall condition of the property, and our professional recommendations (if required).
  • We also have a stringent arrears procedure and as a result we have a very low arrears percentage.
  • Our end of month payments are done on the first working day of the month and a statement itemising everything for the month is emailed or posted to you. We also offer the option of mid-month payments if you prefer, (i.e. you get paid twice each month instead of once).

Competitive Rates

  • We offer competitive management fees.

A Warm Invitation to Property Managers Brisbane

You are warmly invited to look at the Brisbane property management services we offer. Most importantly, we want you to understand our commitment to you. Of all property managers Brisbane and beyond, you will be unlikely to find the extent of experience and time in the industry that we offer.  We also manage properties all over Brisbane.

To become a Position One Property client, or to learn more, fill out the form below today. If you would rather, call us now on (07) 3843 4511.

Property Managers Brisbane

Position One Property Managers Brisbane

Position One Property helps you with each step in the property management process.  First of all, from screening applicants through to finding just the the right tenant for your property, we focus on details.  In addition, whether signing up a new tenancy agreement, or doing routine inspections, we are thorough.  And, when changing property management services, we focus on making it easier for you.  There will be no negative impact on the tenancy agreement that you have in place.  Without fail, we guarantee to manage the whole process on your behalf.

It’s Simple to Enjoy Position One Property Managers Brisbane Services.

Engaging Position One Property Management is easy

Many of our clients have previously been with other Brisbane property management services.  They wisely made the decision to change, because they were unhappy with the level of service they were receiving.  As a result, they are enjoying superior, attentive and expert services.  Are you currently with another property management service?  If you are not receiving the service you deserve, then you will be delighted with the Position One Property level of service.  Rather than continuing to have issues with tenants or extended vacancies, our experience and professionalism are at your service.  Our skilled team can help you get back on track.  Simply let us know at Position One Property that you wish to make the change.  From there we will manage a seamless transition to Position One Property management services.

Changing Property Managers Need Not be Stressful

We know you may feel stressed or awkward about changing property managers.  Did you know there is no need to even contact your current agency?  At Position One Property, we aim to make your life as simple as we can.  Furthermore, we aim to make your investment property ownership as profitable as possible.  So, we can arrange to change your property management agreement on your behalf.  That’s right!  If you wish, we can manage the transfer for you.  This service includes notifying the current agency, notifying the tenants, and take over the tenancy agreement. In addition, we can transfer all the necessary documentation.   Finally, we take responsibility for the keys to the property.

Here are some other questions you may have about the transfer process.

What happens if I have just started a new rental agreement?

There is no problem with changing a property management agreement at any time.  As long as there are no binding contracts or expiry clauses, then there should be no financial or contractual restrictions on changing over property managers. The final say over how property investments are managed is the owners.  This is in accordance with Queensland and Brisbane property management laws.

What happens to the Bond Money?

The Bond money is lodged with the Residential Tenancy Authority  at the start of any tenancy.  When the property management is transfered to us, we notify the RTA of the change.  Position One Property are then noted as the property managers in Brisbane for your property.

There is no need to wait for the property to be vacant

Due to our well refined procedures, it is easy for us to handle a transfer of property manager with a current tenant in place.  Our experienced team will look after the current tenancy agreement.  Most noteworthy is that we always have your interests and that of your tenants, uppermost in mind.

Did you know it will not cost you anything to change property managers?

Especially relevant is the great news that there is no cost to change property management agencies.  In fact, we will manage the rental agreement in line with your current agreement, unless you want to make changes. How many property managers Brisbane or anywhere else, would offer you that, do you think?

To become a Position One Property client, or to learn more, fill out the form on this page today.  If you would rather, call us now on (07) 3843 4511.

Property Managers Brisbane

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