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We have a vacancy rate that is consistently sitting under the Brisbane average.  This means we are filling our owners’ properties with top quality tenants quickly; often above market rates. We consistently achieve this by having a specialist team of Property Managers who have all, individually, been in the industry for over 10 years. We invite you to try our exceptional residential property management services.

Property Managers Brisbane

Position One Property has been offering unique and specialised property management solutions since 2001. Our experienced team are dedicated to delivering and maintaining a high level of service to each and every owner and tenant.  For us the key to our success is the longevity of our team.  This means you can be secure in knowing that you have someone who cares about your property as much as you do.

Residential Property Management Services – What We Do For You

Specialist Tenancy Database System

We utilize a specialist tenancy database system to assist with tenant selection.  This database keeps us up to date with pre-approved tenants who are ready to move into suitable properties. The system implemented by Position One is helping us fill properties faster with higher quality tenants. Our online application and booking process is keeping our vacancy rate at record lows. This new system is not only helping our landlords, but also making it easier for our prospective tenants find and apply for properties.

Senior Property Managers

As a valued owner, you will be appointed a Senior Property Manager.  These Senior Managers have assistance for administrative duties such as filing, advertising etc, which means your assigned Manager has more time to spend specifically on your property needs.

Application Processing

We process tenancy applications as a matter of urgency.  Application procesing includes conducting all reference checks (current living i.e. home ownership or rental reference), confirmation of employment, personal/character reference checks, and tenancy default database checks.

Your Involvement in the Loop

We then present the applicant to you for your feedback, thoughts, and questions.

Application Approval

Once approved, we present the approved applicant with the tenancy agreement to sign and return within 24 hours.  At this time the approved tenant will be required to deposit, into our account, the initial two weeks rent and full bond (4 weeks rent).

Optimum Marketing

Once this has been secured, we would then remove your property from all marketing portals.

Point of Contact

Your point of contact for all day to day dealings will be your Senior Property Manager.  Your Senior Property manager arranges any maintenance required, performs the routine inspections, and contacts owners and tenants regarding any matter relating to that property.

Routine Inspections

Once the tenant is in place in the property, we allow them 3 months to settle in before we do our first routine inspection.  You are more than welcome to come along! Routine inspections are completed regularly, with written reports sent to you after each one.  Colour photos of your property are also included. The written inspection reports outline any maintenance concerns, overall condition of the property, and our professional recommendations (if required).

Arrears Procedure

We also have a stringent arrears procedure and as a result we have a very low arrears percentage.

Landlord Payments

Our end of month payments are done on the first working day of the month.  A statement itemising everything for the month is emailed or posted to you. We also offer the option of mid-month payments if you prefer, (i.e. you get paid twice each month instead of once).

Competitive Management Fees

We offer competitive management fees.

Residential Property Management Brisbane – Our Philosophy

At the very heart of our philosophy towards property management is the treatment of each individual client as if you were the only One.

Our team commits to invest their time, talents and expertise to ensure your investment property’s success.

Furthermore, to ensure you receive the attention and care you deserve as our client, our team each manage a single limited-size portfolio of properties.

We are committed to offering you:

  • Stress-free management
  • Maximum rental returns and minimal vacancy periods
  • Regular and timely communication and feedback
  • Tailored management packages to suit you
  • Expertise and up-to-date legislative knowledge
  • Attentive, personal service

Property Managers Brisbane

Our Commitment to Residential Property Management – Why We Love it!

At Position One, we love Property Management, because we love property and people. Full stop. If you’ve followed our Social Media channels for any time, you will have noticed that we often say “We Love Property Management”. And we mean it.

Our Position One Property Management Team are both experienced and knowledgeable. Furthermore, we are capable of addressing all manner of issues. Our Brisbane property managers are trained to the highest standards. We work to achieve the best outcomes for both tenants and owners. In our office, we aim to provide the best possible service to both sides of the property management equation. Most of all, we’re passionate about finding that ‘match made in heaven’ between property and tenant. Because neither can exist without the other!

The Top 10 Reasons We Love Residential Property Management:

1. People

At Position One Property, we are ‘people’s people’. We always like to say that people rent property, not the other way around! As a result, the best part of our job is interacting with the owners and tenants to make sure that both parties get the outcome they desire.

2. Property

Have we mentioned? We just love property! Position One is a proudly Brisbane and Queensland company, and we wouldn’t be without the traditional Queenslander, and that distinctly Queensland way of life. We love the old houses and we love the new styles and modern innovations that match our climate and our lifestyle. First of all, we on the Team are all property owners. Furthermore, most of us are investment property owners. What better way to offer an insightful, skilled and dedicated property management service to clients, than to be property investors ourselves?

3. We love problem solving

What is too difficult and too much trouble for some people, is a challenge for us. You might say it’s our bread and butter! We devour challenges for breakfast! Coming up with the best solution for both tenants and owners alike is our lifeblood.

4. We love good outcomes

Especially important to us at Position One is not to simply fill vacancies as fast as possible. In fact, that can be counter intuitive to good property management. What we believe in is good outcomes for both the tenant and the owner, such that the best tenants are matched with their ideal property. As a result, we achieve longer tenancies and more stable rental agreements. So, that is how we achieve lower vacancy rates. Another reason why we love good property management!

5. Our job is never dull

While some might think the lot of a property manager is routine, what we do is anything but dull! Our loyal Brisbane property managers are always out and about, meeting new people, inspecting rental properties, assessing new rental properties, and overcoming new challenges. There’s always something new to learn. Consequently, regular training updates are important for keeping the best property management team current. Our Team are always up to date with the latest legislation and regulations concerning rental properties, so that we can take expert care of all of our tenants and owners.

6. We value skills and training

Because we value the mentorship and skill development that we need to succeed, our Team value training and continual learning. It’s partly through this commitment by the business that our team has enjoyed long, productive careers in property management. And it is not just about a quick intro at the start and “off you go into the world”. We constantly develop our staff with refresher training and career advancement. Do an online search and you’ll see that the average property manager has between 1 to 3 years experience in the field. Not so at Position One. Each of our experienced team have more than 10 years at Position One. Furthermore, most of us have experience in the property management profession prior to our time with Position One. We don’t know of any other property management business who can claim such credentials. Do you?

7. Great office culture at Position One Property

Work is meant to be enjoyable! A relaxed and friendly office environment is vital to maintain an efficient and vibrant professional team. It takes a certain type of person to be a successful property manager. So at Position One Property, we are fortunate to have developed a team of experienced and capable staff, who also have excellent communication skills. All of our property management team are open to discussion about any issue, and motivated to find the best solution for all involved.

8. Manageable portfolio size

We are well established as a boutique, specialist Property Management company. Our Property Managers are not forced to manage portfolios of hundreds of properties. We keep a cap on the number of properties each of our property managers are responsible for. This means our property managers are not stressed. Consequently neither are our tenants or our owners! As a result we have the opportunity to focus on doing a great job, which is personally satisfying for each of us on the Team. We like doing a good job and pride ourselves on putting our clients first.

9. High level of service

We do not manage properties as a secondary or side business to a real estate sales office. So, we are 100% focussed on Property Management in Brisbane and South East Queensland and take pride in the work that we do. Property Management is not a small, unimportant side to the business – Property management is our business! Because we love property management.

10. We thrive on variety

As property managers we wear several hats, and our work often carries us to different locations multiple times every day. We meet people from widely varying backgrounds, and interesting individuals of all personality types. Particularly satisfying is the wide range of tasks in our charge. From marketing to paperwork, from tenant negotiations to creative problem solving. Property maintenance and assisting with select improvements become second nature to us.

And that is why we love Property Management in Brisbane each and every day. And that is also why we strive to remain the number one property management agency of choice for investors in Brisbane!

Our Team agree. It is a delight to be a part of a Residential Property Management business that actually makes it fun to come to work each day. As a long established Property Management company we have good staff, good systems and good procedures in place, which are the glue to keep it all together. We recognise that good training is vital to keep good property management staff, and we always remember that our business is really about people.

Property Managers Brisbane

Our Commitment to Standards – Awards and Accreditations

We are committed to the highest ethical standards and practices. Our office an accredited member of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) and Leading Property Managers of Australia (LPMA). All the members of our team attend ongoing development programs and training to ensure our knowledge and skills are always at the peak of the industry.

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