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Wynnum (Post Code 4178)

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Wynnum is a suburb of Brisbane located roughly 15km from the CBD. Located on the shores of Moreton Bay, Wynnum is also on the cusp of the suburb of Manly. This shoreline suburb is surrounded by mangroves and wetlands. Wynnum is only one suburb over from the Manly Boat Harbour, which hosts a number of marinas for boating enthusiasts. The popular Manly Harbour Village houses a number of restaurants, cafes and stores. Wynnum is a highly sought after location for retirees, young couples, families and those who want to purchase property, further from the city. This coastal area has a lot to offer and is great for those who want to be near the bay and Moreton Island. All this while only being a 30-45 minute commute to the central suburbs of Brisbane.

Our Property Management Wynnum and Manly services are a joy to provide. Afterall, who doesn’t love a trip to the beach on a regular basis?


This shoreline suburb had a low population until the late 1880’s, which brought people in via the newly built railway line. Wynnum became part of the Brisbane City suburbs in 1925 and the population has seen a continued growth since this time.

Housing style and demographics

The influx of residents in the mid 1900’s has resulted in a mix of demographics within this Brisbane suburb, which has led to a variety of housing styles in this area. These styles vary, from heritage listed Queenslander style houses, to modern apartment buildings. The 2011 census states that women are slightly more prevalent (51%) than males (49%) in this population. The median age of the Wynnum population was 40 years. This is 3 years above the Australian median.

Public Transport

There are three stations on the Cleveland railway line to service Wynnum. These are Wynnum North railway station, Wynnum railway station and Wynnum central railway station. These services allow for great access to the CBD. As a result, the train service provides an easy option for those who are looking to commute into Brisbane for work or study.


Wynnum has all that you would possibly need at your fingertips. Our property management Wynnum and Manly services are in high demand, as we never have trouble renting quality property in this area. The great amenities include grocery stores, pharmacies, a post office and more. There are also a number of op shops, which can be both great fun and good for the wallet! Another great aspect of Wynnum is the number of parks and sports clubs that are active all year long. There are also a number of sporting events that occur throughout the year. Wynnum parkrun is one such event and that happens almost every Saturday.

Wynnum has a small population in comparison to other Brisbane suburbs. With a coastal feel and lifestyle, it is a sought after place for retirement and those wanting to escape city life. The Cleveland train line provides a reliable way to access the CBD for those who require a commute or need to travel to other Brisbane areas. There are also a number of housing styles to suit anyone’s needs. Call us on 3843 4511 if you’re interested in renting or purchasing a home in Wynnum.

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