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Experts in Rental Property Management Brisbane and surrounds since 2001, our Position One Property team will help you maximise your investment dollar.

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Simply fill in the form to receive your no obligation rental appraisal. One of our dedicated team will then contact you to arrange a convenient time to visit you and your property.

We offer professional service, innovative digital marketing and leasing results that are second to none.  Our Position One Property team will help maximise your investment dollar. So, speak to the team who work harder to achieve better results for you!

Consult the experts in Rental Property Management Brisbane – consulting an established, experienced and expert property manager for Brisbane, Brisbane West or Bayside, Brisbane North or South property is absolutely essential to get the right rental appraisal for your property.

Property Managers Brisbane

Do you find yourself asking:

“How much rent should I charge for my rental property in Brisbane?”

Then be sure to check with an expert Property manager in Brisbane!  Ask Position One Property Management for a free rental appraisal for your Brisbane property.

For the best Property Manager in Brisbane to help you, contact the Position One Property team.  We can show you our process for calculating the value of your rental property.  We apply a rigorous analysis of your property as well as the prospective tenants to find the best match for your Brisbane property.

Is your weekly rental important to you?  Consider these consequences…

If your weekly rental is too low, not only are you missing out on some cash flow, but by underselling your property, you risk attracting tenants who do not appreciate the property.

If your weekly rental is too high, then you might be suffering from extended vacancies which can actually reduce your cash flow more than undercharging.

So, it is important to set your weekly rental rate as close as possible to the market rate.  The best way to ensure that you get it right is to get an expert rental appraisal from us.  As your leading Property Manager Brisbane and Brisbane surrounds, you can be reassured by our many years in the industry.

Simply contact us at Position One Property and one of our experienced property managers will make a time to meet and discuss your property.  No matter whether the property is currently vacant, if your property is currently tenanted, if you are looking to buy a rental property, or if you want to refinance a rental property, Position One can provide the most up to date rental appraisal.

Property Manager Brisbane – Free Rental Appraisal

The best part is that we will provide a free rental appraisal – that is also obligation free.  The whole process is quick and easy and there’s often probably no need to disrupt the tenants or residents at the property.

Firstly, all you need to do is provide a few basic details about the property.   After that, one of our property management team will be able to assess the weekly rental value of the property.  While it may seem that this weekly rental value wouldn’t change much, it actually can.  The weekly rental value of property is driven by the market, by supply and demand.  Consequently, regular rental appraisals are a good idea.  As a client of Position One Property this is an automatic inclusion in our service to owners.

Why do you need an up to date rental appraisal?

  • Accurate weekly rental is the key to long term rental stability
  • Maximise your weekly rental returns to make sure your investment is working hard for you
  • Minimise long term vacancies by avoiding overcharging rent
  • Attract the best quality tenants that appreciate and look after your property
  • Find the best quality tenants faster
  • Make your property more attractive to rent
  • Make your property more desirable than nearby competing suburbs
  • Ensure your property is attractive to the target audience

We offer more than just a free rental appraisal!

At Position One Property we know that there is more to achieving a successful outcome than just the weekly rental agreement.  Our experienced team of Property Mangers in Brisbane have been trained to manage the whole process of matching your property with the best tenant for that property.  As a result, that is one of the ways we maximise your investment.  Almost ensuring that we reduce the vacancy rate by a ‘perfect match’, we’ve worked hard to optimise your rental return on your behalf.

Position One Property designs a rental strategy to suit your property.

Most noteworthy for investors is that we do thorough checks.  We:

  • analyse the location,
  • look for potential benefits for tenants,
  • check the current demand and supply,
  • check the current marketing process,
  • analyse what advertising will work best, and
  • find the emotional trigger points to ensure a solid agreement.

With a thorough understanding of each of the real estate factors concerning your property, we can significantly enhance your rental returns and minimise the vacancy rate.

When can I have a free rental appraisal?

Why not act right now?  Every week of lost rental income is hurting your investment returns, and a simple phone call can turn that around in no time.

Call the Position One Property Management Team today for your free rental appraisal and discover what you have been missing out on!

Think Rental Property Management Brisbane – Think Position One Property!

Call Position One today on 07 3483 4511.

Property Managers Brisbane

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