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South Brisbane (Post Code 4101)

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South Brisbane is an inner city suburb of Brisbane, situated on the southern bank of the Brisbane River. A beautiful suburb and a hub of activity, South Brisbane has a thriving nightlife and restaurant precinct. The suburb is a highly sought location for rental properties due to its proximity to the CBD and its bustling inner city vibe.


South Brisbane is known (along with West End and Highgate Hill) as Kurilpa to the local indigenous people. This translates to ‘Water Rat’. Together, these suburbs remain important for indigenous life.

How did this beautiful and sought after suburb come to be?

After the European settlement, the first land sales occurred in 1843. This was followed by a large number of wharves being developed along the Brisbane River. These facilities brought in droves of farmers and people looking to take up residence in a new area that was close to the river. The first street to be built in the area was referred to as Stanley Quay. Stanley Quay would soon become what is now known as Stanley Street, which is somewhat iconic to Brisbane.

Developments boomed after this and by the 1850’s there were over 100 residential places in the area.

The late 1880’s saw the first real transition into suburban life. Then, the South Brisbane Railway terminal that was built in 1884 allowed greater access to the area. As a result, the access contributed to the large construction boom that followed. After going through several changes to its city status, it was finally determined to be part of the amalgamated City of Greater Brisbane in 1924.  And, South Brisbane has remained part of that status since.

Housing Styles and Demographics

Due to its early settlement and construction boom in the late 1800’s, South Brisbane has an array of housing styles. Many of the older ones are heritage-listed Queenslander style homes that date back as far as the first settlement. Due to its location in relation to the city and its bustling social life with cafes and restaurants, recent years have seen a large boom of apartment building going up. This has attracted a lot of young professionals and students wanting to be near the universities and those who are looking for an easy commute to the city.

As a result, services in property management South Brisbane way are quite in demand.

The 2011 census found that there were slightly more men (51%) than women (49%) living in the area where the median age of residents were 30 years old, seven years below the Australian median.

Public Transport

South Brisbane is one of leading suburbs in terms of public transport and city access. Most buses pass through South Bank and the South Brisbane bus terminal, which allows access to most of Brisbane’s suburbs. There are also a large number of trains that pass through the South Brisbane train station.

For those who like to get around on foot or bike, there are also a number of paths and bridges. These allow quick access to the city and other suburbs in Brisbane, including West End and Highgate Hill. Along these paths you will also find a number of City Cycle bikes that can be rented and used to get around the city.

Stores and Amenities

South Brisbane is a bustling suburb with an abundance of cafes, restaurants and bars. It has a number of spots to grab breakfast on a Saturday morning or go for some casual Sunday afternoon drinks with friends. There are also plenty of necessary amenities, such as supermarkets, chemists and apparel stores. For the families, there are also a number of schools, including Brisbane State High School and Tafe.

It goes without saying that this is a highly sought after inner city suburb of Brisbane for rental properties. With fantastic public transport options, an abundance of vibrant cafes and coffee shops, and all the necessary amenities, South Brisbane is a wonderful place to rent and call home!

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