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Woolloongabba, or ‘the Gabba’ as it’s affectionately known by locals, is a bustling inner city suburb covering some 250 hectares just a few kilometres south of the Brisbane CBD. It is the home of the internationally renowned Brisbane Cricket Ground sports stadium, also called ‘the Gabba’.

Woolloongabba has a diversely vibrant, energetic community and is a prime location for landlords looking for rental properties in and around the inner city area. If you require assistance in your search, we specialise in property management Woolloongabba.

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Woolloongabba History

Like most of the areas in and around what is now the Brisbane CBD, Woolloongabba Qld is on the traditional lands of the Jagera and Turrbal peoples. The name derives from either ‘woolloon capemm’ (place of swirling waters) or ‘woolloon gabba’ (fight talk place).

However, the European settlers who moved there after the closure of the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement in 1842 called it One Mile Swamp. The name ‘Woolloongabba’ didn’t come into use until the 1870’s.

In common with most of the south bank of the Brisbane River, Woolloongabba was originally cleared and cultivated for agricultural purposes to feed the penal settlement. It remained semi-rural with isolated farm and rural dwellings up until the 1850’s.

During the second half of the 19th century, European settlement in Brisbane picked up pace. Areas close to the main settlement, like Woolloongabba, were quickly subdivided and sold off to free settlers. By the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries, Woolloongabba had become a popular area with working-class families. Real estate had begun.

Transport Options for Woolloongabba Residents

For most of its history, Woolloongabba has been well serviced by 2 of Brisbane’s major roads. The M3 or Pacific Motorway runs straight through the centre of the suburb from top to bottom, as do Ipswich Road and Main Street. The latter 2 roads intersect right in the middle underneath the M3 before Main Street continues through Kangaroo Point to the CBD. This provides a convenient and straightforward commute into the city, a strong selling point for people looking to rent close to the CBD.

Several other major roads also service the suburb… Annerley Road runs along Woolloongabba’s western boundary whilst Logan Road and Wellington Road service the eastern side of the suburb. Stanley Street serves as a convenient connection between Woolloongabba and the city centre of Brisbane.

In addition, there are good train services with the Buranda and Park Road stations conveniently located for residents. A bus lane along the M3 provides residents with yet another public transport option.

Housing Styles In Woolloongabba

Woolloongabba is another charming inner city Brisbane suburb where traditional Queenslanders and modern apartment blocks co-exist along picturesque streets. Many of the Queenslanders have been renovated over the years and combine modern living comfort with historic charm.

Amenities In Woolloongabba

Woolloongabba’s ~5,600 residents have access to a wide range of amenities – from shopping to fine dining, recreational facilities, schools, healthcare facilities, and more. Facilities like the University of Queensland, the State Library, and the Queensland Maritime Museum are all close by so it’s a great area for families with excellent property investment opportunities.


There are several large shopping centres and many smaller boutique complexes in and around Woolloongabba. Gabba Central, Princess Plaza, and Trafalgar Lane service the north whilst Buranda Village and Stones Corner Village cover the suburb’s southern residents. Westfield Garden City is also just a short drive away in Mount Gravatt. Along with large supermarket chains, there are also boutique shops, markets, and a range of other retailers.


Much like the people who live here, Woolloongabba’s eateries and dining options are culturally diverse. Trendy cafes, bistros, fine dining, fast food, and ethnic cuisines can all be found in and around the suburb. That’s great news for foodies who want to rent in a trendy neighbourhood with plenty of dining options close to the CBD.

Healthcare Facilities and Services

Princess Alexandra Hospital is located on Ipswich Road in Woolloongabba and the Queensland Children’s Hospital, Mater Hospital, and Greenslopes Private Hospital are all just a few minutes drive away in neighbouring suburbs. There is also a local naturopath specialising in ADHD and autism, and a disability services and support organisation.

Parks and Outdoor Facilities

It all happens at ‘the Gabba’ in the Gabba, especially the 2032 Olympic Games! This alone could be a very good reason for forward-thinking investors to consider owning investment property here…

However, the Gabba isn’t just about ‘the Gabba’. There are a number of parks and recreational spaces close to Woolloongabba for residents to enjoy. There is, for example, the Brisbane City Indoor Sports complex and a power lifting gym. Wellington Point and Streets Beach on the Brisbane River are nearby, as are the Mowbray Park Recreation Centre and Raymond (Pineapple) Park.

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Pick of the Suburbs: Woolloongabba Beckons For Property Investors

The median price of houses in Woolloongabba is currently sitting at just over $1.2 million whilst apartments are a healthy $525,000. Rental prices are around $650 for houses and $550 for apartments. That’s a rental yield of 2.6% and 5.7% respectively, which makes Woolloongabba an excellent area for rental investment properties.

With the Olympic Games also set to be held at the Gabba in 2032, the rental market in suburbs like Woolloongabba and Kangaroo Point will definitely heat up over the next decade. If you require property management in Woolloongabba or surrounding areas, contact us.


Education facilities, and the proximity of the Queensland Children’s Hospital, are amongst the amenities that make the Gabba a great place for families. In surrounding suburbs, the Dutton Park Pre-School and
Nazareth Community Kindergarten & Preschool are available for pre-primary aged children. Narbethong Special School offers special education services.

Primary Education:

Woolloongabba falls in the East Brisbane State School catchment zone. However, other primary school options include Dutton Park State Primary School, Buranda State School, St Ita’s Primary School, and St Joseph’s Primary School in Kangaroo Point. Private Roman Catholic school Villanova College in Coorparoo is another option.

Secondary Education:

Years 7 – 9 fall into the either the Brisbane South State Secondary College (western and southern sides) or the Coorparoo Secondary College catchment (north and east). Years 10 – 12 fall into the Coorparoo Secondary College catchment.

The new Inner City South State Secondary College at Dutton Park started taking Year 7 students in 2021, providing another local secondary school option for school aged residents. Villanova College for boys in Coorparoo also caters for students in years 7 – 12.

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