When Selling Properties, the Best Time May Be Now

Investors in real estate basically put money in properties in the hope that the investment would yield them profits eventually. One good way of making a profit off your property investment is to sell it at a higher price than when you purchased it, plus the cost of the improvements that you may have put into the property. Currently, many property investors are unsure about selling their property as real estate prices are on a downward trend. Some would-be sellers are thinking that it is probably better to wait a little longer for a better price before putting their property on sale. However, this could bring about a less desirable price for your property and you might end up losing much more. Read more

Suburban Living

When we think of suburban living, we think of a wholesome environment to raise kids in a gorgeous garden and friendly neighbours. Suburbs are especially popular with young families raising young kids. They are not without their dangers though. Although generally safer than an inner city environment, there are still criminal elements even in good suburbs and you should consider installing a home alarm system.

Suburban living seems to have it all – a quieter place to raise kids, enjoy a peaceful retirement, etc. Neighbours tend to take the time to get to know one another and you will generally enjoy living in real estate hot zones. There tends to be more community involvement, kids are less restricted and roads are generally less busy allowing them to play games in the street. In some suburbs, the speed limit is restricted and this is strictly enforced. Still, kids should still be given some basic guidelines on safety whilst outside. Read more

Determining the Value of Real Estate Properties

Determining the value of a property is a job of a real estate appraiser. Property value means the fair market value of a piece of real estate property. The actual value may be higher or lower, depending on the size and location of the real estate, and any improvements on the land.

Looking at the sales history of similar properties in comparable neighbourhoods is the most common means of determining property values. Real estate appraisers will base the value of similar properties using six months or a year of sales. In addition, appraisers may also use cost or income analysis to determine property value. The cost method involves determining the cost of building a similar structure at current prices. Income analysis entails determining the value of a real estate property by computing the amount of money it earns. Read more

Getting the Best Price for your Property

When it comes to selling your property, you are bound to get a lot of advice on the best way to go about this. Some people will advise you to sell the property yourself without an agent others will say that the best way to offer your property for sale is through an estate agent. At the end of the day, you do need to go with the option that suits you best and only you can decide which option that will be. In any event, whether you use a real estate agent to sell your property or not, you will need to do some basic things in order to get the best price possible. Read more

Increasing The Appraised Value Of Your Real Estate Property

When deciding to rent or sell a residential property, a property appraisal is required so that you are aware of the expected return. A property appraisal is one of the most important factors you need to consider if you intend to sell or rent the property. An appraisal is conducted to be a guide as to the market value of the property. This will matter a lot when the property is then put on the sale or rental market. Although this does not determine the actual value of the property, a property appraisal is important for real estate investors to know how their property will fare in the market. Appraisals are also important when one is looking to refinance a real estate property. Read more

Caring for Carpets in a Rental Property

Once a rental property is turned over by the landlord to the tenant, most of the inclusions in the premises become the responsibility of the tenant. Carpets are part of the property that the tenant needs to maintain and take care of during the tenancy and especially at the end of the tenancy as a requirement before turning over the premises back to the landlord.

The tenant’s obligations are stipulated in the general tenancy agreement and one of this obligations is to maintain any carpets included in the Brisbane real estate property. Before the tenant can return the keys to the Brisbane property managers, and claim the bond that was paid at the beginning of the lease, the tenant needs to make sure to bring the premises back to its original condition with the exception of fair wear and tear. Cleaned carpets would be reflected in the exit condition report, which will be compared to the entry condition report signed by the landlord and the tenant. It is important to complete these reports correctly so as to avoid disputes between landlord and tenant. Read more

Keeping Pets in a Rental Property

Renting someone else’s home is not just a matter of looking at it and saying, “Yes, I like it, I will take it,” and then promptly moving in. There is a lot more involved before that part even happens. Once you have found the premises that suits your purposes, you have to approach the landlord or the rental agency property management that is handling it for the owner and then be prepared to truthfully answer questions about previous tenancies you may have had. Then you must be assessed by owner or management as to your suitability as a tenant based on financial ability to pay on time and in full.

It is important when you approach whoever is in charge of the rental premises that you present yourself in a clean and neat order. First impressions are always important and are usually lasting, so if you go into an agency looking scruffy and dirty, don’t be surprised to find you are not viewed favourably as a prospective tenant. If you have had problems in previous tenancies be truthful about it, as background searches will show it up anyway and being honest about it will put the problem in a more favourable light. Oh, and did I mention pets? If you are wishing to have pets when you are renting Brisbane real estate, you must mention this at the outset and not just take it for granted it will be allowed. Read more

What to Know About Pool Safety Laws When Selling Real Estate

With the stringent safety regulations surrounding pools, a real estate owner may get lost around the things that need to be considered before putting the property up for sale. Pool safety laws have been established to ensure the safety of people who will be using the pool. Queensland put up the regulations to avoid drowning accidents that have been the cause of many death incidents among children. Real estate owners are required to comply with the pool safety laws before they can be allowed to put their property on sale.

Before a Brisbane real estate property can be put on the market, any pool included in the property must first become listed in the official pool safety register. Being registered in that list means full compliance with the regulations on pool safety. Upon compliance, a pool safety certificate will be given by a licensed pool safety inspector. The certificate will remain valid for two years for non-shared pools and one year for shared pools. When the certificate expires, the property owner will again ask for re-inspection of the pool. Read more

Moving Out Tips that Every Tenant Needs to Know

When renting a property from another individual or property management company it is important to keep in mind that when vacating you need to make sure the property is in the same condition it was when you first moved in. It is a good idea to keep a few moving tips in mind when vacating a property.

The first thing you should do is check with the Brisbane real estate company or professional that helped you locate this property to ensure that there are no underwritten requirements as a part of your contract that need to be fulfilled before vacating. Then, once you have removed all your belongings from inside the home or apartment, you want to go through each and every room and ensure that it is clean, this includes the appliances and furniture that are the property of the owner. Sweep and mop all floors, vacuum all carpets, dust and clean even in the areas that you never have cleaned in before. Read more

What to Do with a Change of Tenants in a Shared Bond?

When tenants of any property sign a lease and pay a bond it is considered a promissory note that they are going to uphold their portion of the lease and that damages incurred during their rental period will be paid for at the end of their stay. Sometimes when two people are a part of a lease, but one of the two decides they want to move out, and a new roommate may need to be found. When this happens it is important to either seek a new tenancy or create a change of tenants.

By Brisbane real estate standards, any tenant should notify their landlord of a change in tenants. It is part of most rental agreements that new tenants residing on the premises without the permission of the landlord can be grounds to evict both the original and new tenant. For that reason, as a tenant it is important to follow all the legalities involved when tenants are changing, regardless of what the status of the bond is. Read more