Laws Regarding Locks and Keys for a Rental Property

locks and keys for a rental property

The safety of landlords and tenants is the most important thing, always.  So, the laws and regulations regarding locks and keys for a rental property are clear, concise and detailed. Brisbane property management companies, and the tenants who rent from them, are required to follow these rules.  This is to maintain the safety of all parties involved in the rental agreement in a manner that, as often as possible, also respects the privacy and the accessibility of all sides.  The Residential Tenancy Authority gives the ultimate guidance in this area: Locks and Security.

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Locks in rental properties are required by law to be safe and secure.  And they need to be properly maintained by Brisbane rental property managers. This ensures that people living within the property do not have to fear for the safety of their property or person. After all, locks are often the only things standing between the renters and anyone who wishes access to their home. Building agents, lessors or management personnel are required to provide locks for tenants.  Also, they are to maintain the security of the building, insofar as they can. Locks for rental properties may only be changed if both the lessor and lessee agree; the only exceptions to this rule are emergencies or a ruling made by the Tribunal.

Rental Property Keys

Keys are also provided by management, agents or lessors to the renter, or renters. For each person named on the lease for a rental property, a set of keys that allow entrance into the home or apartment is required.  That is, if there are 4 people on the rental agreement, four sets of entry keys should be provided. These keys can be:

  • standard metal,
  • remote controls,
  • swipe cards and
  • electronic keys.

Furthermore, if there are any additional keys needed by the household, such as those for other locked areas including:

  • storage areas,
  • laundry rooms,
  • sheds,
  • gates or lockers,

at least one set for the entire property must be provided. The same goes for people who are merely renting a room.  People renting a room must have a key for the room and one for the building, as necessary.

Locks and Keys for a Rental Property

Just as it is the responsibility of the Brisbane property management agent, lessor or property management personnel to ensure the proper working use of locks, are there responsibilities on the lessee.  It is the responsibility of tenants to ensure that at the expiration of their contract, if no extension or new contract is signed, to return each and every key provided at the time of move-in.

If the residents made any copies of any keys, for any reason, these too must be turned in to the agent. Failure to do so poses a security risk for future tenants.  And, it will require changing of all locks the tenant had keys for.  This cost is generally charged to the tenant who failed to return the keys. So, ensuring that you always know where your keys are, and return them when you move out of the property, can save you much time and expense. Respect for safety and security is required on both sides of a tenancy agreement.  And, locks and keys for a rental property are an integral element of this safety and security.

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