Moving Out Tips that Every Tenant Needs to Know

When renting a property from another individual or property management company it is important to keep in mind that when vacating you need to make sure the property is in the same condition it was when you first moved in. It is a good idea to keep a few moving tips in mind when vacating a property.


The first thing you should do is check with the Brisbane real estate company or professional that helped you locate this property to ensure that there are no underwritten requirements as a part of your contract that need to be fulfilled before vacating. Then, once you have removed all your belongings from inside the home or apartment, you want to go through each and every room and ensure that it is clean, this includes the appliances and furniture that are the property of the owner. Sweep and mop all floors, vacuum all carpets, dust and clean even in the areas that you never have cleaned in before.


Once you are confident that the inside of the property has been thoroughly cleaned, then you want to go through and clean or tidy up the yard. This means you should rake leaves, mow lawns, sweep porches and walkways and when necessary clean out the pool area. As a tenant you didn’t just rent the home, you rented the property that it is on as well, so before vacating you should clean out the entire yard.


tips for tenants brisbaneLastly, you should organise to have a professional come and clean your carpets and have a pest control company spray in and around the home. This is not mandatory in all lease provisions however, so you should check your contract or with the Brisbane property management company that is responsible for managing the property. These services, if needed to be performed, take a few days to schedule and complete, so it is important that you call ahead of time, and that all your furniture and belongings are out of the way when they arrive. These should be the last items on your checklist before you vacate the premises for the last time.


For a renter who is moving and attempting to keep track of everything it can be difficult to remember some of the smaller and more important steps that should always be done when moving out. However, if planned with calmness and done properly, moving doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavour. Rather it can be an exciting new start.

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