Determining the Value of Real Estate Properties

Determining the value of a property is a job of a real estate appraiser. Property value means the fair market value of a piece of real estate property. The actual value may be higher or lower, depending on the size and location of the real estate, and any improvements on the land.


Looking at the sales history of similar properties in comparable neighbourhoods is the most common means of determining property values. Real estate appraisers will base the value of similar properties using six months or a year of sales. In addition, appraisers may also use cost or income analysis to determine property value. The cost method involves determining the cost of building a similar structure at current prices. Income analysis entails determining the value of a real estate property by computing the amount of money it earns.


There are several reasons why knowing the value of your property is essential. Property value is the basis for determining whether the sale of a piece of property is a profit or a write tax-off. It is also used as a basis for calculating property taxes. Lenders will need the assessed value of a property to ensure that it is sufficient collateral for the amount of a mortgage or a home-equity loan.


real estate appraisers are the professionals you need to help you establish your property’s market value. A comparative market analysis, or CMA, is different from an appraisal. CMA is the method used by real estate agents to aid home sellers in establishing a realistic asking price. Although real estate agents may come close to an appraisal price using CMA, an appraiser provides a much more detailed report. An appraiser report is the only valuation report a bank will use as a basis for loaning money.


Investment Property Value


Some of the information that are found in an appraiser’s valuation report include side-by-side comparisons of three comparable properties; concerns that the appraiser believe are disadvantageous to the property’s values; notes about major flaws in the property like crumbling foundation; and a projection of the average sales times for the property.


Appraisals are a vital element of your home buying and selling deal. You will need the help of a property management company if you are putting your property up for sale or looking for a real estate to buy. Property managers offer free real estate appraisals will use a real estate appraiser to determine the fair market value of a property. In conclusion, enlisting the services of a real estate appraiser helps in accelerating the process of acquiring or selling properties.

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