Suburban Living

When we think of suburban living, we think of a wholesome environment to raise kids in a gorgeous garden and friendly neighbours. Suburbs are especially popular with young families raising young kids. They are not without their dangers though. Although generally safer than an inner city environment, there are still criminal elements even in good suburbs and you should consider installing a home alarm system.


Suburban living seems to have it all – a quieter place to raise kids, enjoy a peaceful retirement, etc. Neighbours tend to take the time to get to know one another and you will generally enjoy living in real estate hot zones. There tends to be more community involvement, kids are less restricted and roads are generally less busy allowing them to play games in the street. In some suburbs, the speed limit is restricted and this is strictly enforced. Still, kids should still be given some basic guidelines on safety whilst outside.


For example, it is always important to drill into kids the importance of looking left and right before crossing, about stranger danger and about always letting an adult know where they are. Your child’s safety starts with you and what you teach them about being safe. It is not about scaring them silly but rather equipping them to deal with various situations.


Often suburban living tends to lull people into a false sense of security. We generally believe that the risks of crime are far removed from us. The fact is that this generally leads to suburban residents being less security conscious and thus becoming softer targets. No matter how safe your suburb seems to be, it is still a wise precaution to install a burglar alarm.


It is a sad state of affairs but crime is on the rise worldwide. Criminals tend to seek out softer targets and so tend to try their luck in the suburbs. People today are very busy and may not always notice suspicious elements hanging around the neighbourhood. One thus needs another avenue of protection when it comes to your home. A home security system that goes through to a security company or the local authorities can prove to be the answer.


Further to the crime aspect, it is also important to make sure that all the internal systems for your home or in good working order. Especially important is to make sure that the gas is working as it should and not leaking – this can pose a danger to your family. Watch for damaged electrical wiring, etc. – general home maintenance should keep your home in tip top shape and make your stay in the suburbs a great one.

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