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One of the traps many of us fall into in our homes is hanging on to clutter. There are many reasons why we end up with items we don’t need or use. Some we become attached to, not wanting to get rid of a box of old cards we were given at our 5th birthday. Some we believe we may use again and so keep them stored away, ‘just in case’.


The truth of the matter is clutter is not good for our mental health or the state of our homes. The more we hold on to and collect the less space we have. We can start to feel closed in and surrounded by junk. It’s an ugly trap to get into and often when we move house we find it’s a great way to escape the junk and start afresh.


Benefits of Cleaning Out

If you have found your next perfect home with our Position One office then you may well be planning on a de-cluttering. The benefits to having a huge clean out before you move are many. Let’s take a look.


Some benefits to having a garage sale before moving:


  • Get rid of clutter;
  • Less to pack and less to unpack;
  • Less to move;
  • More space in your new home;
  • Extra cash from the garage sale; and
  • Gain peace of mind and clarity over letting unwanted items go.


Tips on Starting a Garage Sale

So how should you go about having a successful garage sale before you move out and then into your new home? Here are some great tips to get you started:


  • Firstly, decide where you will have the garage sale. If you don’t have enough space, maybe you have friends who wish to combine a garage sale with yours. This way you can also advertise a larger amount of items for sale in the local paper and possibly draw a bigger crowd.
  • Next, plan what exactly you wish to sell at the garage sale, as well as your asking price is. Always be prepared to negotiate when it comes to garage sales as people are after a bargain. Be ruthless, if you haven’t used an item in a few months perhaps it’s time to get rid of it. Go through each room and make a list.
  • Best selling items at garage sales are appliances, baby items, books, bikes and other sporting equipment, games, fishing equipment, garden tools and homeware.


After that, you need to advertise and prepare for the day. Keep a realistic mind about sales and be positive. When the day is over you can start preparing for collecting the keys from our Position One office and moving into your new place, clutter free.

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