Smart Packing The Secret To A Successful Move

Packing up your home to move to a new area is one of those life changing events that can be exciting, but it can also be very stressful. Everyone who has moved house has a story about family heirlooms lost or broken. They also describe chaotic scenes in the new home when no one can find the soap or toothpaste on the first night.


This can all be avoided with some planning and a few tips from seasoned veterans. How do we know this? At Position One Property we have assisted hundreds of clients to find their perfect home. Many of them were tenants renting property through our agency, so we were able to follow their progression into their own homes.


Packing Begins with the Right Type of Boxes

A correct packing technique is the secret to a stress-free moving experience. Our first tip is to find the right type of boxes for your possessions. This is critical to them arriving at the new destination undamaged. Moving companies sell boxes with dividers for crockery, large boxes for flat screen TVs and wardrobe boxes with hangers so you don’t have to fold your clothes. They also have strong, heavy duty bags that won’t split open and spill out the contents.


With the right type of boxes, cartons and bags on hand, packing can begin in earnest. It is best to pack up a room at a time, starting with the items least needed. Label the outside of every box so you don’t have to unpack every time you are looking for something.


Do Not Overfill – Heavy Boxes are Difficult to Move

Do not overfill the boxes, especially with heavy items. Books, for example, should be put into several small boxes rather than one large one. Very heavy boxes are hard to lift and move around, and you risk having the bottom fall out, damaging the contents.


Tightly Wrap Breakables

Protect fragile items by wrapping them in bubble wrap. Crystal, fine china and the like must be packed tightly to prevent them moving around in transit. Fill any incidental spaces in the boxes with tightly crushed newspaper to keep the contents in one position.


Pack an Essentials Box for a Smooth First Night

On your first night in the new place, you will be too tired to unpack anything other than an essentials box. This should contain everything you will need until the real unpacking starts next day. Items such as pajamas, toiletries, linen, towels, food, drinks, toilet paper and a change of clothes, and for very young children, their favourite toys, will spare everyone from the drama of a meltdown.


We hope you will be very happy in your new home, and if you follow our suggestions, everything will arrive in one piece.

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