Finding The Perfect Property

Regardless of whether you are looking for a property to rent or buy, there will inevitably be a list of wants and must haves. It is important, especially if you are buying the property to live in, that you generate a list before you start looking.


In reality, you will end up needing to compromise on some of the items on your list; you should also decide ahead of time what you are willing to ‘let go’ of. A chat with our knowledgeable team at Position One Property will help you put some of these items in perspective.


Here are some great tips to help you find the place that fits everyone sooner rather than later.


Perfect is a relative term

Holding out to find the ‘perfect’ place could take forever. As mentioned, there will be some items on your list you will need to be prepared to give up, especially if you are looking with other buyers or renters.


If you are looking with others then communication and compromise is key here. With these two things in place, your dream home will come along a lot quicker. What you might think is perfect your partner or friend may not; it’s all relative.


Discussing first what you want in a home will help you reach an agreement quicker when you are house hunting.


Get your name on the door

Registering your details with us is like having your name on the VIP list at the door. When properties that we think are suitable for you are listed, we will contact you ASAP. This can save you some of the leg work involved with house hunting.


Consider the location

If you are not finding the perfect place at the perfect price in the suburb of your choice, look further afield. The very next suburb or next few suburbs are still close by to all of the pros you are looking for in the suburb of your choice.


Compromising on the location might mean you have a better chance of finding a home with more of what’s on your list and at a cheaper price. Don’t rule it out.


Property Management Company

Do you need an outdoors area?

To choose land or not to choose land, that is the question. Families are usually the ones who need the yard space but there are also some singles or couples who want space outdoors to use, too. Always consider who will carry out the jobs for a yard such as mowing, and if a small courtyard might be better for your needs.



For more advice on finding the perfect place, talk to our team at Position One Property today.

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