Informed Tenants are the Best Tenants

As a tenant, it is important that you are aware of the responsibilities and expectations placed upon you. A good tenant will ensure they are aware of the ins and outs of renting and adhere to these everywhere possible.


Position One Property are highly experienced in the industry of rentals and are well regarded as one of the best rental property management teams available. Should you require any information from Position One Property regarding your role as a tenant they will be more than happy to assist you; in the meantime, here is some brief information to help.


General knowledge

It goes without saying that a tenant is expected to pay the due rent when expected, according to the tenancy agreement, and if there is ever to be an issue with doing so your property manager at Position One Property should be contacted ASAP to arrange an alternative.


The condition of the property is to be well maintained at all times and no deliberate or negligent damage is to be caused. Whilst the tenant is entitled to quiet enjoyment and to go about their lives as usual, the expectation is that they will take care of the property as though it were their own.
Routine inspections will happen and the correct amount of notice will be given, leading up to this to allow for the tenant to prepare and be home if they wish. To ensure you are kept up to date with what is happening with the home you are renting, make sure the property manager has the correct contact information for you.


Where a body corporate is in place, the tenants are required to abide by the rules outlined by the body corporate. Parking of guests in the allocated areas and only using the car spaces allocated to tenants is to be adhered to at all times.



When the bond is collected it will be lodged with the RTA and be held there for the full duration of the tenancy. You will receive a lodgement number from the RTA and upon exiting the premises you will be fully refunded provided the property has no damages, et cetera.


Emergency repairs

Situations that are considered an emergency repair could be one of the following:


• Burst water service


• Gas leaks


• Blocked or broken toilets


• Fault/damage likely to cause injury


• Serious roof leaks


• Electrical shock/fault


If this occurs, Position One Property needs to be contacted immediately. A detailed message is to be left after hours and the emergency numbers listed on your tenancy agreement need to be called.


tenant responsibilities
Renting a property will run smoothly provided you follow what is outlined in the tenancy agreement and that you ask questions about anything of which you are unsure. Visit Position One Property online for more information at

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