Maintaining a Rental Property. Who is Responsible?

Many people opt to rent a home rather than buy, for many different reasons. But if you are new to renting a property you may ask, who is responsible for maintenance at the property. All houses need a certain amount of maintenance and upkeep and are subject to wear and tear. After all, they can’t stay new forever. So what happens if, you have a leaky kitchen tap, or a tile in the bathroom comes loose? Maybe one of the hinges on a kitchen cupboard has broken. So do you run to the hardware store and attempt to fix it? Seemingly these are simple jobs, but are they the tenant’s responsibility?


In most cases the answer would be no. The lessor or agent is responsible for keeping the property in good condition. Any job that is a result of wear and tear, or age should be fixed within a reasonable time by Brisbane property managers and the landlord is responsible for any costs involved. If the problem was due to wilful damage or carelessness by the tenant, then the tenant would be responsible for the cost of appropriate repairs or replacement.


The yard is also a part of maintaining the home, however responsibility for this is often determined in the lease agreement. In some cases the tenant may be expected to maintain a tidy yard through regular mowing, spraying of weeds and care of any gardens. Some landlords may however prefer to have the lawns and gardens maintained themselves, via a preferred contractor and bear the costs themselves. Agents offering property management Brisbane will be able to advise the tenants what is expected of them as it can sometimes vary between properties, and being aware of what is stated in the in relation to maintenance is essential.


Rental Property maintenance brisbaneTenants do have the right to expect that any problems be attended to in a reasonable time frame. If the lessor or agent consistently fails to remedy problems a Notice of Intention to Leave – form 13 can be lodged with RTA. In most cases tenants have few problems with maintaining their rented home. As long as the home is clean and tidy and any problems are reported and seen to promptly, tenants, landlords and agents can have an easy, relaxed and unified lease period. Good communication between the tenant and lessor or agent will ensure everyone is happy and the home is cared for appropriately.

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