What To Expect From Inspections

Rental Properties Brisbane

Rental inspections are important for both the owner and the tenant. They are carried out so that our Position One Property management team can ascertain whether there are any problems with the property and also to keep owners informed of the goings on in their investment.


Inspections are also beneficial for tenants as it gives them the opportunity to raise any issues with the property or to ask any questions that they may have. If tenants are unable to be present then they are able to fill out paperwork provided with any information or questions.


Once someone from our team has carried out the inspection we will provide owners with a thorough report. This report will bring to light any problems that may be occurring, repairs that may need to be carried out and possible future repairs.


We believe it is important to notify owners of possible upcoming repairs so that they may budget for these and thus making sure that the investment continues to run successfully. Whether you are the tenant or the owner of the property you should be aware of what we are looking at during inspections.


We understand that your home won’t look perfect at all times; if you are a tenant and have been informed of an inspection we suggest you ensure the following are seen to beforehand. Unless we think there is an issue and need entry sooner you will be given seven days notice before entry.


Outside the home

When we inspect the outside of the premises we will be looking at the condition of any gardens, lawns and sheds if present. Lawns and gardens should be kept mowed and tidy. We will inspect the entire outside area to ensure that there is no damage to sheds, garages and the outside walls of the home.


Rental Properties Brisbane

Inside the home

There is a lot to cover inside the home. Each room needs to be inspected for damage and any repairs required. Walls, carpeting, cupboards, light fittings, et cetera, will be checked as will appliances in the kitchen and bathroom fittings.


As we are not always able to tell if there is an issue with something such as the hot water system filling up, it is up to the tenant to advise us of issues such as this. As outlined in the RTA act we allow for fair wear and tear in homes.


If you have any questions regarding inspections as the owner or the tenant we are only too happy to assist. Contact us as Position One for more information on rental inspections as well as what to expect.

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