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Investment Property Depreciation

Do you know about the way that depreciation can help to increase the return on property investment? Yes that’s right! Even though depreciation implies that the value of your asset is going down, this can still save you money! The important thing to realise is that when it comes to property, the value rarely goes

How Tenant Screening Can Make Your Life Easier

All property owners know how much easier and simpler life can be when you have great tenants. At Position One Property Management, we believe in people. We believe that it is our interactions with people that shape our future relationship with people. We believe that if we treat other people well, then those people will

Own a Rental Property With a Pool? What to Know.

What happens if you have a rental property with a pool? In case you are uncertain or unaware of the swimming pool laws in Queensland, there have been relatively recent changes. And there is no longer any excuse for not taking action to make pools safe. Whether property owner with or tenant in a rental

Blind Cords and Curtain Pulls – SAFETY ALERT

Recent changes in the safety requirements for homes have spread the responsibility for home safety to everyone involved. Whether you own your home, you’re a landlord or a tenant, some responsibility falls to you. There are now equal responsibilities to ensure that internal window coverings involving curtain and blind cords are safe for children. Even

Smoke Alarms in Rental Properties – What You Need to Know

Smoke alarms in rental properties are serious business. Indeed, smoke alarms in any properties are serious business! Smoke alarms save lives. Read our introductory guide here and bookmark the links we’ve provided for you. Knowing your responsibilities, and what actions you can take with regards to smoke alarms, is everyone’s business.   Smoke Alarms in

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