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Personal Judgements Based on Perceived Wealth Often Flawed

Everyone naturally wants the best lifestyle and opportunities for themselves and their families. The statistics on poverty and environmental influences on children seem to support the theory that growing up in undesirable surroundings can have a detrimental effect on their development. Is solving this problem just a matter of moving into a “rich” neighbourhood? Affluent…Read More→

Avoid Poor Buying Decisions with Thorough Checks

Despite the consumer laws we have to protect buyers from unfairly losing money, some people still make poor purchasing decisions by their own choice. When it comes to buying real estate properties, for example, building inspections can identify major problems such as structural defects. Some buyers, however, elect to bypass these to save money, and…Read More→

Trying To Save A Home Deposit? Read On!

Despite the recent small rise in interest rates by some of the major banks, there has never been a better time to buy property in Brisbane. Low interest loans and median property prices much lower than Sydney and Melbourne are still attracting buyers into the real estate market. Buyers with a reasonable deposit are in…Read More→

Learn About Landlord Insurance

If you’re new to the world of property investment then you might still be learning the ropes about what you should and shouldn’t do in terms of renting. The first thing you should do when you are ready to rent is to enlist the services of a reputable agent. At Position One we can guarantee…Read More→

Move In Clutter Free

One of the traps many of us fall into in our homes is hanging on to clutter. There are many reasons why we end up with items we don’t need or use. Some we become attached to, not wanting to get rid of a box of old cards we were given at our 5th birthday….Read More→

Real Estate and Technology

We live in a world surrounded by technology and its faithful users. There is virtually nothing you can’t do, thanks to technology and the trusty smart phone; if it hasn’t been thought of yet, it soon will be. Already we see apps, et cetera, sprouting up in order to help real estate agents, buyers and…Read More→