How Tenant Screening Can Make Your Life Easier

tenant screening

All property owners know how much easier and simpler life can be when you have great tenants. At Position One Property Management, we believe in people. We believe that it is our interactions with people that shape our future relationship with people. We believe that if we treat other people well, then those people will treat us in the same way. This is a simple philosophy to find the best tenants for our managed properties, and it works incredibly well. When we conduct our tenant screening, it is all about meeting with prospective tenants. We meet in person to spend time discussing their requirements, and their desires.

Our tenant screening process is not about testing who is “in” and who is “out”. When we understand each other better, we are able to match the best tenants with the best properties. This is important as well as maintaining a mutual understanding of each other’s wishes. As a landlord, you want the best tenants, and as a tenant, you want to live in a nice Brisbane property. At Position One, we get that, and our mission is to make sure that happens!


How to screen your tenants

Here at Position One Property Management Brisbane, we use a tenant screening checklist where it applies to screening tenant applications. We understand what our landlords expect from our Property Management team. In addition to that we know how conduct tenant screening to provide the best outcomes for everybody concerned.

Our tenant screening process is all about meeting people face to face. We work very hard to understand the true desires of people. We understand that everyone has an individual set of personal requirements. Fortunately this is just the same as every property is unique in what it offers! So our tenant screening checklist is more about matching people’s needs with the benefits offered by any given property. Our tenant screening process is all about developing and maintaining a relationship with our tenants. We also work hard to keep the relationship on good terms, with open lines of communication. It’s also about maintaining a productive relationship with our landlords. This is to ensure that everyone achieves the outcomes they desire.


Our tenant screening process gets great tenants

Our experienced and switched on team of Brisbane Property Managers trust our tenant screening process to find the best tenant for every property we manage. The temptation to accept the first tenant is not always the best way to avoid vacancy. For example, if you find yourself with an extended vacancy, there is always pressure to jump at the first offer. But if the first offer cannot afford the rental payments, or if they only need a short term rental while waiting for a better opportunity, then you may quickly find yourself with another vacancy.

The better option is to trust our tenant screening process, which matches the best tenant to your long term requirements. As a landlord you can often save money in the longer term by accepting a lower rental rate, with little or no vacancy. If you continually find yourself with vacancy problems, then this may be a problem with the tenant screening, rather than a problem with the property!


Questions on the tenant screening checklist

Most of the questions on the tenant screening checklist are not actually asked of the prospective tenants! So how do we screen our tenants?

Our Property Management team spend the time to thoroughly check all details provided at the time of application. How?


  • actually do ring up the referees during the tenant screening process;
  • take the time to verify the statements made on application forms;
  • verify the payment history with the previous property manager;
  • check whether the previous property was left in good condition;
  • confirm the employment history of our prospective tenants for proof of income;
  • check for identification of all names on the application form.


What is the purpose of screening tenants?

tenant screeningSome of the questions can seem to be a bit of an inquisition, but this is not how it is intended! The purpose of our tenant screening process is all a part of the process of building a relationship with our tenants. There are no questions on the list that we cannot show the tenant, and there are no secrets that we try to hide from anyone. Here at Positon One property management, we have a database of tenants, and we have a database of landlords. It is our responsibility to make sure that we match the perfect tenant with the right property. It is also our responsibility to maintain that relationship to ensure that everything works out the best for both parties.


We invest our time in tenant screening, so you don’t have to

All of this tenant screening process takes up the valuable time and effort of our property management team. So we respect that time, and we ensure we do it properly. We know that with a successful tenant screening process, we can always find the perfect tenant for your property. Getting the best tenant for your property can make all the difference, and can make a landlord’s life much easier.


Tenant Screening Checklist for Landlords

There is more to finding and screening tenants than just finding who can pay the full amount of the rent. Here at Position One Property Management, our tenant screening process involves a whole lot more than just that criteria! For example, all landlords prefer a tenant who will look after the property, stable long term tenancy, and who will continue to meet the rental payments into the future. So here is a few of the key elements on our tenant screening process:

Tenant screening selection criteria.

This is a set of selection criteria which the prospective tenant should be able to meet. The criteria should include things such as satisfactory rental history, stable employment prospects, family status, and even their requirement for pets. At Position One, we always like to state up front that prospective tenants are required to submit a rental application, and background check. In this way, we tend to receive only the quality applications, with nothing to hide. At the end of the day, it is all about open and honest communications with the property manager!

Establish a relationship with a prospective tenant.

Right from the very first inspection, phone call or even an email, we begin the tenant screening process, in terms of establishing a relationship. We will begin to understand the requirements of tenants at the earliest meeting by discussing things like how much rental can they afford to pay, what kind of job they have, what type of property they like, and whether they are open and honest with communications.

Formal application for tenant screening.

One of our main tools during the tenancy screening process is to request a formal tenant application. In this way, we have a record provided by the tenant themselves of their ability to meet the long term stability that landlords are looking for. We also find that many prospective tenants who are trying to hide something will not apply. In this way, the most significant part of the tenant screening process has been achieved, based on trust.

Verification of tenant screening.

Once we have received a formal application, we spend the time required to verify all of the important aspects of the tenant. By the time we reach this stage of the tenant screening process, we are looking to confirm many of the personality traits, in order to build a relationship with the tenant. We also spend the time to check with previous landlords, employers, and other personal references.


Tenant screening is not about accepting or rejecting. Here at Positon One Property Management, we believe that we can reach a favourable outcome for all of our landlords and our tenants. If we feel that the first applicant is not the preferred tenant, then we have a transparent and honest feedback policy. Part of the tenant screening process is to explain to both parties how we intend to match the best tenant with the perfect property.

Great tenants are out there – but you need the best tenant screening process. Over our 15 years in business and around 100 years’ combined experience in the business, we have developed the best tenant screening process. You can enjoy the benefits of this now! Call us today on 07 3483 4511.

At Position One Property Management, it is our fundamental belief that for every property, there is a great tenant who will appreciate living in it. We know that we get the best results with our tenant screening process when we match the right tenant with the right property. By maintaining an open and honest relationship with all our tenants, we know that your property is being looked after.

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