Not all Property Management Agents in Brisbane Are Created Equal!

Property Management Agents Brisbane

At Position One, we aim to be the best Property Management agents Brisbane has seen. We provide exceptional service to our Residents and our Property Owners. Doing this, we can deliver the best outcomes for everyone. And to achieve the best outcomes, we maintain valued relationships. Our relationships with our loyal clients, our existing customers, and those searching for a better deal are of utmost importance to us. We are using the latest tools available, because not all property management agents Brisbane are created equal!


Working harder to find the right person for the right property

We promote our property listings as widely as possible. This is so that we can find the best applications from the best potential tenants. That way, both our Residents and Property Owners have the best opportunity to find the right solution to their property needs. Most property management agents Brisbane place their properties on or No surprises there. All reputable Brisbane property managers list available rental properties on these platforms, and others like them. But we need to make sure that we have the best coverage of any service available. And that is where we work so much harder to find the right person for the right property.


We use the best tools available to find the right person for the right property

We are amongst the leading property management agents Brisbane and SEQ has, because we use the latest tools available to the online world. One of our points of difference is that we invest heavily in strategic Digital Marketing. We promote our properties with the widest coverage possible on the bigger websites, as well right here on But unlike most other property managers in Brisbane, we don’t stop there. We also cleverly promote our list of Brisbane properties via appropriate social media channels.


Promoting your property where there are people looking!

To be the best property management agents, Brisbane, we go to where the people hang out! Why not use the most popular platforms to attract the widest audience? What we are talking about is using Facebook and Instagram to find the best prospective tenants. Without doubt, Facebook and Instagram are the most powerful marketing tools available in our industry. But it has to be done carefully. The bad old days of push marketing are gone. People know when they are being “sold” something and can switch off at the touch of a button!


Who are the people looking?

At Position One Property, we utilise our skills in digital marketing to identify potential clients. Then we work out how we can satisfy their individual requirements. For example, by using both Facebook and Instagram, we aim to reach as much of the audience as possible. At the time of writing, Facebook tends to attract an older audience (let’s say, ‘mature’!) whilst younger audiences tend to favour Instagram. But this can change, and the important thing is to maintain a balanced approach to finding the most appropriate audience.


But the audience is watching

And the audience likes to watch video! So to be the best property management agents Brisbane has, we list each of our properties with a compelling piece of video and moving images. The best thing about using video to promote our Brisbane property listings is that we can make it even more visible on social media. Facebook and Instagram are the perfect platforms where people like to watch video of properties. We will post some video, link it with other platforms, and it becomes available to everyone! With the latest tools available in digital marketing, we can unlock the secrets to what people are looking for, and where people are actively searching.


Don’t let your property be left behind

Property Management Agents BrisbaneAt Position One property management agents Brisbane, we know the value of digital marketing in the online world. We utilise the latest tools available to deliver better and more meaningful promotion for your Brisbane rental property. In fact, we know that promoting our properties to where the audience is watching is the key to our business. If allows us to gain a better understanding of how to find the best person for the best property. In fact, if current property manager is not utilising social media as a professional marketing tool, then your property is not being promoted properly.


Property Management Agents Brisbane

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