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How To Get A Good Result At An Open House

Arranging regular times for prospective buyers to inspect sale properties in groups has proven to be a very effective marketing technique. While most people now search online for suitable properties, they still like to inspect in person, and an open house allows them to have a close look without feeling under pressure. Large Visitor Numbers…Read More→

Personal Judgements Based on Perceived Wealth Often Flawed

Everyone naturally wants the best lifestyle and opportunities for themselves and their families. The statistics on poverty and environmental influences on children seem to support the theory that growing up in undesirable surroundings can have a detrimental effect on their development. Is solving this problem just a matter of moving into a “rich” neighbourhood? Affluent…Read More→

Avoid Poor Buying Decisions with Thorough Checks

Despite the consumer laws we have to protect buyers from unfairly losing money, some people still make poor purchasing decisions by their own choice. When it comes to buying real estate properties, for example, building inspections can identify major problems such as structural defects. Some buyers, however, elect to bypass these to save money, and…Read More→