Positioning Property Investments the Position One Way

Operating since 2001, the company is positioned to be the property management agency of choice for both property investors, owners and tenants. “We are achieving success in our aim to be one of the leading property management organisations in Australia through depth of expertise and capability, top-level performance, and consistent service delivery,” declared the company.


The company’s core objective is to offer a stress free investment to its clients wishing to make a profit from their investment properties. “We understand the importance of looking after your valuable investment and of making its management a stress-free experience for you,” the company said. Likewise, the company works hard to provide quality rental properties to people looking for a place to rent.


The property manager puts great importance on communication as this is the key to success with their clients’ commercial real estate investments. Clients are always kept well informed about the progress and everything that is going on in their property, while the company handles most of the stressful and technical aspects of the property management. Property investors are informed of the latest news in the industry to help them better decide as to what they should do with their investments.


Clients of Position One Property are assured of getting reliable tenants for their properties with the help of a strict selection process conducted by the company. Each tenant candidate is investigated to know their tenancy history to make sure that they do not have a history of miserably defaulting on rent previously.


Position One Property handles every aspect of property management for the peace of mind of the property investor. This includes regular inspections to check that the tenants are adhering to the provisions of the lease agreement.


rental property management company


A big part of the property manager’s role in the client’s investment involves rent reviews to provide the owner with the best possible return on investment. Clients are also well protected from issues such as tenants defaulting and rent arrears, which can happen even after a thorough tenant selection process.


One satisfied client of Position One Property summed it up well, “the team at Position One Property are very proactive in ensuring the property is maintained and that leases are renewed with an appropriate (but not extortionate) rent increase. You are also able to maintain a balance between taking responsibility for day to day management and referring to us for confirmation on larger issues.”

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