Carpet Maintenance Before Vacating a Rental Property

Although moving can be a hassle it can also be necessary as well. As such, when you move out of a rental premises you have certain responsibilities and obligations that you need to oversee. Things such as repairing any damage you caused, cleaning the premises properly and making sure it is left the way you moved into it. If the property contains carpet then you have a responsibility to make sure the carpet is cleaned when moving out of the premises. If you check your lease before you hand back the keys, the agent should have stated what you are responsible for with carpet cleaning and pest control.


When you sign a lease with a real estate agent there are certain conditions that they will place on the lease. Some of these include carpet cleaning, pest control and if pets have been allowed inside the home, then a flea treatment for the carpets may also be included on the lease. While carpet cleaning and pest control should be specified on the lease, your agent cannot specify a company to use. Whatever company you use for carpet cleaning or pest control is completely up to you. At the very start of the lease, a tenant should be aware of their rights and responsibilities which are clearly stated on your lease.


carpet for rental propertyIf there are any doubts from the tenant that the carpets were cleaned before they moved in, then the real estate agent needs to be able to prove that they were cleaned. Generally they retain a copy of the receipt of carpet cleaning company from the previous tenant to prove this. Make sure before you sign the lease and move in, that you go through the condition report and mark down anything you come across that the agent may have missed and isn’t on the report. This helps to protect you from becoming financially responsible for the previous tenants damage.


Property management professionals are very reasonable and most items pertaining to the lease can be negotiated between all parties. It is still important however for the premises you rented to be in the same condition that you rented it in. If there is damage that you caused then get it fixed, either by a professional or if you are handy, then you can fix it yourself.


Either way, in order for you to get your bond back, you need to ensure that the premises are returned in the same condition as per the entry condition report. In order to do this, sometimes it’s good to get a professional cleaner in to get the place nice and clean. This may also include hiring a professional carpet cleaner and pest control person to get the job done right.

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