Different Home Buyers Have Diverse Needs

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When it comes to selling a property, it is wise to know the kind of market you are targeting. This helps to understand the buyers’ wants and needs and to gain a better understanding behind the decision to buy or not.


The decision to buy a property is often based on whether or not the buyer is looking for an investment or will be an owner occupier. If you’re not sure why this would be, keep reading to learn more.


Size of the land

The size of the land is important to owner occupiers. If the buyer is planning to settle there for some time, especially with family, they like a larger block. However, if they are buying it for an investment then they will be less likely to go for bigger blocks.


Tenants generally don’t want to spend too long maintaining the garden of a home they don’t really feel is theirs and owners usually don’t like to pay the cost of a gardener. Developers on the other hand see a large block as an opportunity provided that area is approved for development.


Age of the house

Obviously, people’s tastes vary and some like older period homes while others prefer modern homes. If the buyer is looking for an investment, they will be looking for a modern home. This is because usually tenants want to rent out modern homes.


Modern appliances, air conditioning and extra bathrooms are big draw cards when it comes to renting, whereas owner occupiers may be looking for an old home with character and be willing to pay for it.


What you can see

There is no doubt about the fact that a home with a beautiful view is a beautiful thing. But only some are willing to pay for this. Tenants, for instance, are normally not keen to pay the extra rent because they have a pretty view which means investors are not keen to pay for the sale price.


In walks the owner occupier though, falls in love and they are willing to pay the extra price for it. Developers may be keen to pay for views if they are able to put in holiday units with a view of the sea or high rise apartments that look out to the city, but your best bet is with the owner occupiers.


Whatever the situation, Position One are more than capable of helping you achieve a desirable outcome when selling your property. Visit us online today for more information on how we can help you.

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