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Investment property owners don’t put their hard-earned money into a rental only to see their time and efforts go to waste. When they make wise decisions relating to their investment they are far more likely to reap the rewards of all that time saving and making informed choices that comes with a successful rental property.


When it comes to rental properties there are many choices for the owner to consider and one of these is who will manage their property. Many real estate companies claim to be expert property managers that owners are looking for. However, what they deliver often falls short of the promises.


Action not promises

Position One Property Real Estate do not fall into this category though. The company has a large list of clients who have only ever been impressed and relieved with the competent and proficient manner in which their properties are managed.


There is a lot involved with the management of a rental property and owners want to know that all is being carried out in the correct manner, particularly when some areas of the running require lodgement of legal forms, et cetera.


Position One Property Real Estate don’t cut corners and they don’t cut back on offering outstanding service to their clients. You won’t be left feeling that the service you were promised and that you are paying for is nothing at all like what you receive because with Position One Property, you will receive it.
Their services


The first thing you can expect from Position One Property is communication. You will be kept up to date with all the affairs of your investment, including the outcome of their regular and thorough inspections and any repairs that may be looming.


rental propertyTenants will be placed in your property only after they have successfully passed a stringent security screening to ensure they will take care of your property as if it were their own and that rent will be paid on time, every time.


The rent paid on your investment is, of course, also your income. This fact is not taken lightly and Position One Property keep their eyes on the ball of the current rental market. When they deem it is suitable to raise the rent on your property you will be advised and the tenants will be contacted to renew the rental agreement.


There is no need to try to deal with keeping tabs on the rent paid into your account; you will be sent your electronic statements so you can keep this information safe and handy when it comes time to claim your taxes.


Take the wisest step in your investment property venture and enlist the best. Contact Position One Property Real Estate today by visiting them online at https://www.positionone.com.au/.

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