Deciding Maintenance Priorities – Where To Start?

Rental Properties

Every property investor wants high occupancy figures for their rental properties. Placing tenants with a good financial and rental history is essential to achieving that result. These days, however, good tenants expect their dwellings be of a high standard. They expect it to be well presented, clean and tidy and with all the modern conveniences expected in an advanced society. A professional property manager, such as Position One Property, is your key to achieving this outcome effectively.


Absentee Owners Rely on Property Managers to Maintain their Rental Properties

This makes the role of the professional property manager more challenging than just collecting the rent and doing inspections. Owners, especially those who live interstate or overseas, rely on us to keep an eye on the overall state of the property. They know that to keep good tenants, they cannot allow their asset to deteriorate below a minimum standard.


We have found that one of the best ways to do this is to establish a list of repair priorities for the properties under our management. Position One Property manages dwellings across south-east Queensland. They range from newly built homes to older style Queenslanders and all styles in between as well as units, duplexes and others.


Essential Services and Security at Top of Repair Priorities

Any repair that involves essential services such as electrical, water supply, plumbing and issues with sewerage should always be the highest priority. Security comes a very close second. Doors that won’t lock, security screens that are broken and alarm systems that don’t work should all be repaired as quickly as possible.


Smoke Detectors and Pool Fencing Need Immediate Attention

Every rental property must be fitted with working smoke detectors. Smoke detectors are an item that should be checked regularly and there are regulations around this. Repairs or replacements, where necessary, are essential and immediate. If the property has a swimming pool, the pool fencing must be on the priority list. Too many very young children have drowned in poorly maintained pools at rental properties where they lived or were visiting.


Border Fences and Gates on the List

Rental PropertiesPoorly maintained border fences can quickly become unsafe for tenants with young children. Missing palings leave gaps through which young adventurers can squeeze General fencing and gates must go onto the list. Gate safety is essential in high-set houses to prevent injury in a fall down the stairs if the latches fail.


Kitchens and Bathrooms too Expensive to Neglect

It is said that the two rooms that sell a home are the kitchen and bathroom. These also happen to be the most expensive to renovate. For that reason, we believe that they should be high on the list when repairs become necessary. The only exception is if the repair is urgent because of a safety issue, in which case it must be undertaken immediately.  Kitchen storage is of prime consideration for most tenants nowadays.


Even in the newest homes there will be repairs required. By not allowing them to accumulate, the repair costs will be more easily absorbed; more expensive repairs later on will not be necessary and the owners will get to keep their excellent tenants.

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