Kitchen Storage A Top Priority In Brisbane Rental Properties

Brisbane Rental Properties

Every rental property owner wants tenants who pay their rent on time and take good care of the dwelling, so Brisbane rental properties need to be presented to the market with this goal in mind. In our local marketplace in current times, good tenants are discerning. They are unwilling to accept a rental that does not have the features and comforts people have come to expect in our society today. Owners who want the best returns now seriously have to look to provide more facilities for their tenants. One such essential facility in today’s market is storage space – and kitchen storage space at that.


Lots of Possessions Need Lots of Space

As a consumer society, some would say we have become obsessed with collecting possessions. Often it’s for no reason other than to have them! To keep our belongings in good condition, they need to be stored carefully. Tenants looking for suitable Brisbane rental properties are no different from home owners in this regard. We know this because we are a specialist property management agency. Position One Property manages a full portfolio of rental properties across all Brisbane suburbs. When potential tenants make enquiries about any available rental properties, one of the first questions they ask is about the amount of storage. This applies not only in the bedrooms but also in the kitchen areas.


Brisbane Rental Properties Ideally Need Plenty of Kitchen Storage

Having plenty of easily accessible storage in a kitchen is a real plus. It gives a rental property a distinct advantage over a similar property with limited storage. Gone are the days when a few cupboards under the kitchen sink and a small pantry would suffice to keep kitchenware and food until needed. In these times, there is far too much in the way of pantry goods, appliances, plastic ware, cooking utensils and other kitchenware, all of which needs appropriate storage.


Tenants who like to entertain friends and family look for kitchens that make this easy. Lots of bench space to prepare meals, dark places to store root vegetables, shelves to display glassware and favourite crockery items, are all factors in the decision making process for discerning tenants.


In some trendy downtown areas of cities of the world we hear of apartments and chic pads that have done away with kitchens altogether. Everyone goes out to eat. Not so in Brisbane! Brisbane rental properties need kitchens and ideally great kitchens at that!


Clean and Functional Kitchens Attract Good Tenants

Brisbane Rental PropertiesThis does not mean that the kitchen must be absolutely brand new. It must be clean and functional. The interiors of the cupboards should be wiped clean and be ready to fill by the new occupants. They’ll need to receive the many cooking pots, baking trays and dishes, measuring jugs, cake tins and all the other paraphernalia common to the average household.


Appliances Need Storage Away from the Benchtops

A modern kitchen now contains a range of appliances, where once an electric jug and toaster would have been enough. Blenders, slow cookers, sandwich makers, 4- and 6-slice toasters, coffee machines, food processors and other appliances that appear with every new food fad, all need storage lest they clutter the bench tops. A property becomes much more desirable as a rental with adequate and functional kitchen storage. It is worth providing to get the perfect tenant.

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