Entry Reports. Why are they Necessary?

Deciding to rent a home can be a daunting prospect. Finding a rental may not be a big problem, but having found the right house you are then faced with a myriad of forms to fill out. One of those forms should be “an entry condition report” otherwise known as a Form 1a. Where possible it is a good idea to have these forms completed and signed before moving into your rental home. What are they for you may ask?? Basically they are a safeguard for both you and the home owner to ensure there are no condition disputes when and if you move after your lease expires.


An entry condition report is a form that is filled out when renting real estate Brisbane, describing the condition of the home prior to a tenant moving in. The condition of each room is noted and includes things such as walls, carpets, benches, flyscreens, lights, ceiling fans etc. The lessor or agent will go through and make a note of the condition each room is in, noting anything that may be wrong such as a small mark on the wall in bedroom 2, or a tear in the front screen door etc. Once the lessor/agent has done this, it is your turn.


Entry ReportThe lessor or agent will give you the report and ask you to go through the house and make your own notes. You may notice a broken window latch or a mark on the carpet that the lessor/agent didn’t. Make a note of it in the space relating to that particular room, and continue through the house, room by room not forgetting outdoor areas such as garages, patio areas and even gardens. Once both parties are in agreement the form is signed by both lessor and tenant. The agent/lessor handling the property management Brisbane then make copies for each party and one to file for their own records.


When your lease/rental contract is up and you decide to move the condition of the house is checked against the “entry condition report.” Normal wear and tear is expected, particularly if the lease is a long term one, however carefully filling out this report protects both the lessor and the tenant, should any significant damage be found. Making sure the initial report is filled out thoroughly and accurately therefore is advisable, preferably prior to moving in. A little prior planning and preparation can do a lot toward making your rental experience a pleasant and easy one for all.

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