Behind Every Great Agent is a Great Landlord

Professional property management can be a challenging experience.


Here at Position One Property we understand it is imperative to offer the best service to a tenant and not have them feeling like they cannot live without the ever present landlord looming over the back fence to ensure everything is tickity boo.


Likewise, a good tenant will offer peace of mind to a property owner by paying their rent on time, maintaining the yard and property correctly, reporting any maintenance and repair issues immediately, being honest about damage they have caused and, of course, abiding by the Tenancy Agreement conditions.


What Does a Good Landlord Bring to the Table?

A good landlord should provide a property that is fit for habitation.. This includes ensuring that all appliances including larger ones such as hot water systems are all in good working order and present well.


It is up to the property owner to set the tone for the tenancy so prior to a tenant taking possession of a home, unit or flat, the lawns will be neat and tidy as will the premises themselves.


If the property in question has experienced past issues, for example mould in the bathroom ceiling or termites in the retaining wall. This should be revealed to the tenants so that they can monitor and report it, if it returns, so that it can be dealt with quickly.


Flexibility is also a key factor. From time to time we all experience a low in life. Having an understanding landlord can really take a load off a stressed mind. Being honest with each other is important in a business transaction such as a tenancy.


A property owner will always maintain a respectful distance whilst making sure they are available should an emergency arise.


Professional property management Brisbane

Great Property Management Skills

It is no easy job to walk the tightrope between tenant and landlord without the good wishes and trust of the property owner and tenant alike.


Often, a property owner cannot be available 24/7 like we can and so they ask that we manage and maintain the property and its tenancy on their behalf.


We, as such, become the appointed landlord, and can offer second to none service to all our tenants.


Why not visit with us at to learn more about the advantages of letting Position One Property be your appointed agent.

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