Emergency Repairs In Rental Properties

Where rental properties are concerned there is always a few rules to abide by. These rules or laws are in place to protect both the lessor and the tenant. By following these rules it ensures that the right thing is done by both the lessor and the tenant and potential issues can be avoided. There is rarely an exception to these rules, particularly where repairs are involved. There is a difference between how ordinary repairs are taken care of compared to emergency repairs and this article will outline what is to be done for the latter.


What is classed as an emergency and how it should be organised:

Rental Property maintenance brisbaneIf you are ever unsure what you should do when an emergency repair is needed then you can refer to your general tenancy agreement. All expectations regarding the property, including what to do for repairs, are included in this document by your Brisbane property managers. The first thing you should always do is to contact your Brisbane property manager as soon as you become aware of any repair items. Even if it is 2am you should always try to contact your Brisbane property manager either by leaving a message on the office voicemail or send an email, by doing this the property manager will be aware of the issue as soon as they come into the office the next morning and they will be able to action any further repairs that may be required and notify the owners. If it is after working hours and the repair constitutes as an emergency repair then your general tenancy agreement will state the specified tradesman’s contact details that you may call in this situation. The list of repairs classed as emergencies according to the Act can be found on page 6 of your general tenancy agreement. Examples of these emergency repairs include:


  • A broken or blocked toilet
  • Burst water service or leak
  • A serious roof leak
  • Leaking gas


Any questions regarding the procedure for emergency repairs can be discussed with your property management Brisbane.

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