Rental Inspection Checklist to Help Avoid Rental Inspection Stress

Our Simple and Helpful Rental Inspection Checklist

If you are new to the being a tenant game, you may get a little stressed leading up to your property inspections. Even if you are an old hand at being a tenant you may feel you are being judged.


This is simply not the case.


Yes, as the appointed agent of the property owner, Position One Property take our job very seriously and intend to ensure that the property you are living in is taken care of well.


But relax, we are not going to judge you for not doing the dishes or laundry.


We have compiled a list of things we look out for when conducting these regular inspections but also highlight how you can turn these into a positive experience for you and guarantee your ability to stay in the home long term.


Cleanliness is Key

We realise we have just told you we don’t judge your habits but it is essential to keep the home you are living in clean.


This means not letting any mildew build up in the bathroom or cooking fats to settle on the splash back or the tops of cupboards.


If the carpet or walls are soiled in any way, such as dirt, grease, red wine, et cetera, it is your responsibility to clean it promptly to avoid staining.


Keep Gardens and Grounds Trimmed and Clipped

It is essential to keep the grounds of the property neat and tidy.


Regular mowing, mulching, weeding and pruning are all essential.


Likewise, if the property possesses a pool it must be maintained in an appropriate manner.


Rental Inspection Checklist Brisbane


Conduct Minor Repairs

As a rule of thumb, if there are any structural issues with the building or its grounds the property owner is responsible for its care and maintenance.


If any breakages or damage is caused by yourself it will be your responsibility to repair or replace it. As an example:

• If you put a hole in the wall when moving your furniture around or you accidentally back your car over the clothes line, this will be your responsibility.

• If you discover the retaining wall or fence is becoming dilapidated or riddled with white ants. This is the landlord’s responsibility.


Take Advantage of the Opportunity

If you believe there are issues the landlord needs to address, now is the time to speak up whilst you have someone on site to inspect.


Also, if you are dreaming of something extra such as asking for new carpets, repainting a bedroom or perhaps even installing an air conditioner, this is a good time to broach the subject.


We trust you’ve found this rental inspection checklist helpful – if you’d like further guidance or have comments, questions or suggestions, please call on 07 3843 4511.

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