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Have you ever stopped to consider how many people rent their home in Australia? Have you ever stopped to consider how long people stay in rental property? Or whether they intend to buy a house, or whether they plan to continue renting? Well, here at Positon One Property Management – we ask ourselves these questions all the time! Because that is our job, as leading rental property managers Brisbane knows and trusts.

Property Managers Brisbane  

We make it our job to understand the rental property market, so that you can trust us to deliver the best service. No matter what questions you have about the rental property market in Australia, we have the numbers. If you are interested to find out the facts about rental properties in Brisbane, or vacancy rates, or the market rates for weekly rentals, then why not call us at Position One for a chat today!


There are millions of people in the rental property market

When we set our intention to be the best rental property manages in Brisbane, we need to know the facts. The total amount of rental payments add up to more than a billion dollars annually in Australia. That represents more than 3 million rental properties across the country. And a large proportion of those renters expect to be renting a house for the rest of their lives. It comes as no surprise that for many people, the ability to save for a deposit for a mortgage has stretched beyond their means, or they are not eligible for a bank loan. This is particularly evident in the major capital cities around Australia, where the average property value has risen above $500,000 in all states except Tasmania.


Broad spectrum of rental properties


rental property managers brisbaneBut before we get bound up on the statistics, it is important to realise that there is a very wide range of rental properties on the market. From units, apartments, flats, and single dwellings, there is a wide range of rental properties available. Likewise, the average renter is not simple to quantify. On one end of the spectrum, there are single people whose needs are simple. At the opposite end, there are families who need to live close to the city for ease of transport and access to employment.


There is certainly no one size fits all solution when it comes to rental property managers in Brisbane. And that is exactly why Position One spends the time and energy to understand the local rental property market. And there is a very good reason we do that. It is to provide the best property management services for our Brisbane landlords, and tenants alike.


Rental Property is not about numbers

But here at Position One, we understand that rental property is not about statistics.


It is about people.


We know what creates the best outcome for long term and stable rental accommodation. It is finding the best match between our prospective tenants and our list of rental properties. When we find an ideal match between our tenants and our landlords, we find that we serve our clients and our customers better. And when we look after people, we find that the business runs a whole lot better. We aim to find those long term stable rental properties for tenants who appreciate the stability that comes with finding a home that they love. By increasing the rental satisfaction of tenants, and reducing vacancies, we maximise the rental returns for our owners . We find a better return in the long run using this strategy, than simply raising rental payments.


That is what works for us.


Because we make it our business to analyse the numbers, and keep you in the best position, it works. That is the goal for our Position One Property Managers in Brisbane.


Why do you need the best rental property managers Brisbane?

Because rental properties are a serious business. That is precisely why you need the best rental property managers Brisbane has to look after your assets. When you want to be in business, it pays to have the best team on your side. It pays to understand the property market. It pays to know the statistics, and it pays to have the best contacts, the best list of properties, and the best list of prospective tenants. Here at Position One Property, that is why we aim to be the best rental property managers Brisbane has available. Your property business is out passion!

Property Managers Brisbane  

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