The What, Why, How and When for First Time Renters

When you decide to spread your wings and fly the coop to create your own little nest it can be an exciting, if not slightly daunting prospect.


The key to getting through it all with ease is to educate yourself about the process.


Please see below for some basic tips to get you “in the know”.


Property Viewings

In this day and age you have the convenience of being able to attend an open viewing style arrangement.


This is advantageous to both the agent who is managing the property and any person who wishes to inspect. Instead of an agent having to possibly inspect a property with a dozen different prospects at a dozen different times, a suitable time is selected and all the prospects may visit during that period.



When you inspect a property that feels right for you, you are required to complete an application for it. This application will require you to supply your full details such as name, date of birth, employment both current and previous, as well as your current and past addresses and any referees you nominate.


Reliable property management professionals, as we are at Position One Property, then conduct appropriate investigations and confirmations of references, amongst others, to ascertain which applicant best suits the requirements of the property owner.



A Tenancy Agreement is a legal document outlining details of the property owner, the tenant, the address, agreed rental, bond, and term, along with any other special conditions that may apply.


Condition Reports and Inspections

We carry out a condition report prior to a tenant taking possession of a property and then again when the tenant vacates. This report is to establish the general condition of the property prior to commencement of a lease and will also identify the condition of any contents that may form part of the agreement.


inspect a property in Brisbane


This report must be signed as agreed upon by all parties to ensure there are no disputes.


During the term of the lease we will also inspect the property to ensure that it is being properly cared for and to identify any possible maintenance or repair issues that need attention.


You may find some of the links at our page particularly helpful to read through.


We hope this has shed a bright sparkling light into the realm of renting. Should you wish to seek more in depth information regarding renting a property, or our services in general, please do not hesitate to contact us on .

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