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*Disclaimer: The information in all of our articles is of a general nature only and should not be relied upon as advice. You should seek professional advice for your particular circumstances before entering into any transaction.

How Do I Get My Bond Back?

When a tenancy ends the first thing a tenant usually wants to know is, how do I get my bond back? As a tenant you must to do a “bond clean” or “exit clean” at the end of your lease.   A bond clean or exit inspection clean is the clean that must be done

Examples of Better Real Estate Property Management in Brisbane

Do you want to experience better property management? Yes? … Read on…….. Position One Property pride itself on providing premium real estate property management in Brisbane at an affordable price. We listen to our owners and their concerns and provide constructive feedback, when required. Our team find quality tenants for your property and take the

Proposed Changes to Negative Gearing and Capital Gains Tax

This week Position One Property will discuss the proposed changes to negative gearing and capital gains tax. If Labor win the up and coming election they are proposing to improve housing affordability by reforming negative gearing and capital gains tax arrangements. Firstly this is only if Labor win the election and is then able to

Getting the Best Price for your Property

When it comes to selling your property, you are bound to get a lot of advice on the best way to go about this. Some people will advise you to sell the property yourself without an agent others will say that the best way to offer your property for sale is through an estate agent.

Negative Gearing not for the Cash Strapped

Negative gearing is a strategy that is used to stimulate the property market, usually in times when the economy is struggling and the government of the day is looking for ways to give it a kick-start. It has the effect of allowing any losses on an investment property to be a tax deduction, and for

What to do before Renting

The first thing to do before you rent a home is to ensure the location is convenient for you by way of transport, schools and shopping. When you have settled on a suitable area and premises, make your way to the agency which has it listed. Once you express an interest you will be given

Insuring Your Investment Home Gives Peace of Mind

Many people toy with the idea of buying an investment property. If the property is wisely chosen it can become a very valuable asset. With proper management and good tenants the property has the potential to earn you a steady income, with minimal fuss after the initial setup. Of course becoming a successful landlord means

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