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Do you want to experience better property management? Yes? … Read on……..

Position One Property pride itself on providing premium real estate property management in Brisbane at an affordable price.

We listen to our owners and their concerns and provide constructive feedback, when required. Our team find quality tenants for your property and take the stress out of real estate property management. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case for owners who didn’t start with Position One Property. Many of our clients come to us because they have had a poor experience with their previous property manager.  Here are a few examples:


Case study 1 – Mould Alert

Position One Property had a very distressed owner contact them after their current property manager had told their tenant to take them to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT). The property in question had a mould problem.  But the inexperienced property manager did not provide any assistance to the owner or tenant on how to rectify the issue. As a result the issue became worse and the tenant was frustrated and upset. So, too, was the owner. 

Position One Property Management not only took over this property but we also got the mould issue sorted and now have a very happy owner and tenant.


Case study 2 – Not Returning Calls

A lovely elderly gentleman approached us after being unable to get in touch with his current real estate property management team in Brisbane. This was a result of a constant changes in property managers. He asked us if it was normal for a property manager not to returns calls or emails. This gentleman jumps at any opportunity to make improvements to his property and was seeking quality real estate property management in Brisbane. We were more than happy to help.

Position One Property Management have now taken over this property in Mango Hill and the owner is delighted with our service. He loves that we can answer all of his questions and are happy to help.


Case study 3 – Inexperience

A Camp Hill investor has a great property that they required tenants for. Unfortunately, they didn’t hire Position One initially and their property sat vacant for weeks. The real estate property management team that they hired were inexperienced. They had a lack of knowledge of marketing and adjusting to market conditions. The agent didn’t offer any feedback to the owner and were unable to answer basic questions about Trust accounts. The owner became concerned very quickly and changed their real estate property management over to Position One Property.

We were able to rent the property in less than 5 days. 


Case study 4 – Long Vacancy Periods

Position One Property now proudly manage four properties for one owner who has previously had a very bad experience with an agency. Long vacancy periods and no feedback left our owner feeling overwhelmed.  The owner found the property manager was overworked, and didn’t care about their investments.

Another one handed over to Position One Property. By providing feedback to the owner, we rented the property quickly with quality tenants. 


Case study 5 – Maintenance Without Approval

This particular owner has two properties that another agency managed. The former real estate property manager had costly repairs done to the property without the owner’s prior approval. The owner received a bill for maintenance that he was unaware of. The maintenance that he paid for he could have done himself had he known about it.  When the owner asked the property manager why there was no consultation they were unable to answer his question and blamed the error on someone else in the office. Very unprofessional.

Position One Property Management now manage both properties.


Case study 6 – Overworked

This one is all too common one for us. Everyday we hear of overworked property managers who are trying to manage more than 160 properties as part of their portfolios. This particular property in Kedron had a property manager that was inexperienced.  Their inexperience meant they were unable to manage the day to day requests of the tenant and the owner. This left the former manager overwhelmed by any suggestions and  requests that came through.

Position One Property now proudly and efficiently manage this Kedron beauty.


Case study 7 – No Regulatory Knowledge

When questioned on basic legislative requirements, the property manager for a Morningside property was unable to answer.  The lack of knowledge regarding regulatory questions, and not returning calls or emails left the owner wondering – what they were paying for?  Needless to say this one is now under the professional management of Position One. 



DAPHNE valued owner – I first came across Position One Property as a tenant and was pleasantly surprised with their friendliness, promptness & team work.  After several interactions I decided to engage Luc and his team as my own Property Managers as I was impressed with their overall care and attention. I have now been dealing with Position One for several years and it’s been an absolute pleasure. If you are not happy with your current Property Manager, I’d suggest you give Position One a call! 

LISA valued owner – I have been through a number of property managers (from small boutique operators to big nationwide ones) and sometimes ended up having to manage the properties myself in between property managers. I was constantly in search for a good property manager, soon after I signed up a new one.

A previous tenant, who was frustrated by the lack of response from my property manager at the time, told me to go with Position One when I had to step in. When I met with Allison and Tara from PositionOne, I knew my search was over. Position One always has my interests at heart and they attend to all matters promptly. I highly recommend Position One. 

MARGARET valued owner
– From an owner’s viewpoint, PositionOne Property has been a wise choice. They know the Brisbane rental market very well, have experienced property managers, good links with home maintenance services, and they give good advice. During the 2017 floods, they were quick to let owners know their properties were fine and that meant I didn’t have to worry.


How to choose the right real estate property management

The Position One Property Management team pride themselves on being up to date on all current legislation.

Most property managers are managing portfolios of over 160 properties and we get it! It is hard to keep abreast of every tenant and owner request. Our property managers manage portfolios of no more than 140 properties at one time

We care about you, your tenants and most importantly your property. Our team perform regular inspections and have a list of affordable and qualified maintenance crews at the ready. We conduct thorough research in every area in which we rent. We pride ourselves on constantly being  in contact with our owners and tenants; if they need us.

We may not offer the cheapest rental property management rates in Brisbane but we can guarantee you we offer some of the best service around. To find out more give us a call on (07) 3843 4511 or visit How to Become a Client.

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