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When you’re looked after by Position One Property, you’ll experience property management in Brisbane that delivers great results.  We take care to look after our tenants and owners by keeping all parties “in the loop” with our personalised service.  Position One Property bring you experienced rental agents Brisbane landlords trust, year after year.  20 Years, in fact.

The ‘Revolving Door’

We hear you – so often property owners have their valuable investment property  handed to a youngster with little experience.  Many property owners feel let down when time and again they are handed off to yet another new person.  Position One Property are the opposite.  Our Brisbane Property Managers have been with us for many years.  We work cohesively as a team and focus wholly on personalised property management in Brisbane and  South East Queensland. Learn more about our friendly team by clicking HERE: Our Team

Types of Properties We Manage Across Brisbane and SEQ

Stand Alone Homes & Townhouses

It may be that you are renting out your own home or an investment property. We invite you to assign us to look after the day-to-day management of your property.  Then, you can relax knowing your property us under highly experienced and systematised management.

We are especially thorough with our tenant screening to make sure they’re an ideal match with your property.  We nurture a culture of close attention to detail in order to predict any likely issues and act proactively.

Units and Apartments

Many of our property owners engage us to manage units and apartments.  We are particularly skilled in protecting owners from incurring unnecessary costs, any extended vacancies or mismanagement of body corporate issues.

Professional Property Investors

Many of our owners are professional property investors with multiple investment properties.  They wouldn’t risk putting their valuable property with any run-of-the-mill rental agents Brisbane may have available.  Most of our property managers are also investors themselves.  So, we understand that cashflow and minimum vacancy is crucial for investors. Furthermore, we know that maintenance is important to keep abreast of and over-capitalisation is to be avoided.  We’re experienced with many types of property investments, from single units and houses to duplexes and unit blocks.

We can assure our property owners of our utmost respect and attention to detail at all times.  Our courtesy also of course extends to our tenants, for whom we bend over backwards to accommodate.  After all, your investment property is their home whilst they are your tenants.

Growing With Great Rental Agents Brisbane

Significant growth is currently being experienced by Brisbane and South East Queensland.  This fact probably won’t surprise anyone!  With growth comes opportunity.  Opportunity for investment, opportunity for living.

As the population is set to soar in coming years, Brisbane is also set to step up to the challenge of being an even greater place to live.  Development in housing, transport, bikeways and clean energy all point to the Brisbane City Council being proactive about Brisbane’s future.

There is no reason not to be optimistic about the future of investment and investment property in Brisbane.  Switch to Position One Property as your rental agents Brisbane property owners – you will be glad you did.

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