Advantages of Owning an Investment Property

Owning an Investment Property

Just like any other investments, owning an investment property is not something you engage in without proper knowledge. Many people tend to stay away from property investments, believing that the ROI is not as big as what you can get from investments such as stocks. Property investments done right, however, can bring in significant returns.

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Aside from the income you potentially can reap, there are other benefits and advantages that property investments can bring to the investor. These advantages tend to be overlooked, but once you consider them, real estate investments turn out to be a good focus for investors.

Here are Some of The Advantages of Owning an Investment Property

Cash Flow from Rent

If you own a rental property, you can get a steady flow of income from monthly rent. This is especially good at the current time when rental rates are continuously going up and demand for rental properties are on the rise. Currently, people are choosing to rent apartments or houses instead of risking to buy a property, so there are good chances that you will earn extra income from rental payments.


It will benefit you much more if you are getting good help and assistance from rental property managers. Property managers can help you get good tenants and the best rent for your property.


Higher Property Value from Appreciation


Real estate properties tend to appreciate in value over time. Unlike other stock investments, property investments have a better chance in terms of appreciation in value. This brings you to a better position to profit from your investment.



Property investment is very good for leveraging. In investment terms, this means investing a small amount of money for an investment that costs much more. In essence, you will only be responsible for a small part of the price and borrow the rest from a lending institution. Property investments can be highly leveraged, giving you much more profitability over time as the property value goes up.


Using Rent to Amortise

Investing in rental homes in South East Queensland also allows you to use rental payments to cover your monthly amortisation. After a few years, the rent you receive will be able to cover much of the principal of the loan. As you get more equity over time, you also gain the advantage of being able to use this to refinance a loan or obtain a different loan.


Tax Incentives

One of the top benefits of property investments is the tax incentives you get from it. To gain full advantage of the tax benefits, check on the items that you can write off. Among the usual items that can be written off are repair and maintenance costs, utility costs and loan interest.  Read our article on Investment Property Tax Deductions here: CLICK HERE

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The advantages of owning an investment property are many. However, with a bit of knowledge on this type of investment, you can take advantage of a whole new world of opportunities not otherwise available in other investment types.

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