What to Look for in a Property Management Agency

Property management is made a whole lot easier when property owners engage the services of a reputable property management agency.


A good agency will guarantee that your interests are protected and will also ensure that relevant legislation is adhered to. We make absolutely sure of that.


But what criterion does one use in the selection of a good property management agency?


What Constitutes a ‘Good’ Property Management Agency?

There are a number of ways to identify a good property management agency.


As a property owner, you will benefit by being conversant with the agency’s appointment terms. The services they offer to their clients should be completely transparent. These should be readily available to you for your consideration.


It goes without saying that their commissions, charges and fees are a paramount consideration as well. There are recommended levels for these and you should be wary of any large deviations from the norm. It is okay to question why! And consider why an agency will have super-cheap commissions, charges and fees. Some offer introductory free periods. A landlord should question why this is. What are the implications for the agency? For your property? For the tenants? How will your invesment return be affected?


The agency should also be ready to give detailed procedures about how they carry out repairs and maintenance as well as how they handle complaints, evictions, and terminations of tenancy.


At Position One Property we have worked hard to build the perfect team. Our team are are highly trained and passionate about taking care of your property. We are a licensed company, compliant with all required regulations by the State of Queensland. So you can rest assured that your property is in good hands. We treat your property like it’s our very own property. We ensure consistency in our processes so that you can be sure you’ll receive appropriate service for each property, and each lease.


What Are Some of The Responsibilities of a Property Management Agency?

There is a lot that is required to be done in a property management agency.


A rental management agency must:


– Act in the property owner’s best interests in all negotiations
– Respond promptly to tenants requests for repairs and maintenance
– Carry out regular inspections while keeping tenants and owners well informed about such events
– Have a clear detailed procedure for dealing with complaints
– Ensure trades and service providers have relevant licences


A rental management agency ought to maintain open communication channels with tenants to facilitate harmonious interactions. At Position One Property we do this. Consequently, satisfaction for both parties is a known characteristic of our widely acclaimed property management services.


What Sets Us Apart at Position One?

Property Management AgencyOur prime focus is centred on providing a refreshing alternative for your property management requirements. We take pride in maintaining an exceptionally high standard of service and so do not take any chances in training our passionate property management team. This is a team who are dedicated to investing their time and expertise in the management of your property. We hold our clients – both owners and residents – in high regard. We approach our relationship with them with the utmost respect.


What else?


We Find You Just the Perfect Tenant

Our team thoroughly screens every prospective tenant while verifying their details.


Zero Tolerance Policy for Arrears

We do not hesitate to follow up with tenants concerning delayed rental arrears.


We Make it a Whole Lot Easier For You

Given that we go the extra mile in organizing lease renewals and sourcing for new tenants, the degree of convenience for the services we offer cannot be overemphasized.


Communication is our priority

Our company maintains regular contact with our clients and informs them of all developments. We are quick to alert them when any issues come up.


Property Marketing Strategies

As your leading property manager in Brisbane, we have the best property marketing strategies. These include professional photographs to show your property in its best light. These go a long way to enhancing the features of your property and showing it to be a desirable residence for tenants. Consequently, this sets it apart from the rest who are vying for applications from the same pool of tenants.


Consistently Low Vacancy Rate

We also maintain a consistently low vacancy rate which is facilitated and supported by our tenancy renewal policy.


Streamlined Systems and Procedures

The systems and procedures we have put in place are friendly to property owners as well as tenants. Our appointment forms are clear and concise with details of the services we offer as well the charges for these services all inclusive of additional costs such as advertising. We encourage our customers to familiarize themselves fully with our terms, while providing clarification where needed.


Most of all, our professional standards ensure that we maintain a long-term relationship with our property owners and tenants that have had them coming back again and again for repeat business.


Many property owners unwittingly put their property businesses at risk. This is because they neither have the expertise nor the time to monitor their rental properties to the degree required. Some are gripped with the fear of losing potential business in future and have resorted to managing a handful of properties by themselves. The downside to this approach is that one may in fact be limiting themselves from exploiting all their options. A good property management agency has sufficient experience to stay abreast of changing trends. They are also better placed to know what the market needs. Hence, this is a clear indication that landlords ought to embrace the idea of engaging the experts for maximum benefits.


Forget about the hassles and disappointments you have experienced in the past and call the property managers who will always have your back and your best interests at heart – Position One Property. There is immense gratification and convenience that comes with hiring just the perfect property management agency and we’ve got exactly what you are looking for – and more.

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