Preparing to Sell your Property

If you have made a decision to put your home on the market then you are about to embark on a task that can either run smoothly or meet some difficulties. Ideally, you will not experience too many dramas when selling your home and one way to ensure a smooth transaction is to select a highly experienced and professional team to support you in this endeavour.


While your agent can guide you in ways to prepare your home for sale, this article can prove useful too. There are a few things you can do to help speed the sale process along and some of them may be points you haven’t thought about.


Take a Look Outdoors

First impressions, as they say, are long lasting. The first point a prospective buyer will see of your property is the front garden. If there are weeds or the grass is overgrown then these should be taken care of prior to any viewings. A quick spot of paint at the front entry can really help to brighten up the overall view.


If you have a backyard ensure this is also in a neat and tidy state and that tools are packed away in storage and any pools are sparkling and crystal clear. Don’t assume the buyer will look inside first and not worry if your back yard is a little disorderly.


If you have the space, a few pot plants placed at the front door in the absence of a garden can lift the vibe a little and give a more welcoming appearance. Once your potential buyers are inside you will be thankful for some small changes that you have made.


Bringing the Buyers Inside

When buyers are looking at a home, they try to visualise it as their home to see if it feels ‘right’. Because of this, it’s important to try and remove a little of your own personal touch from the home.


This may sound strange, but it will actually work. Removing personal items such as family photos from walls or anything that makes your home really feel like yours, is a good idea.


Once you have that covered, cast a critical eye over every room. Does the carpet need a clean or even replacing? Could the walls do with a touch up? Naturally, you won’t want to go overboard spending money to fix up a place to sell. However, if you can make any changes within a certain budget then these will always ultimately improve your chance of a sale.


Selling Rentals

If the home you are selling is a rental then you can easily communicate with your property management advisors to ensure everything is as it should be when it comes to a viewing. But always keep in mind the information above and know that you can preview your investment first to make sure you are happy with the condition of the property. For more information on selling your property or about professional property management, click here to get in touch with the leaders in their field.

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