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“The preparation you put into getting your property ready for sale can be the difference between getting a standard price and getting a great price.
And, the best part is, it’s not hard, time consuming or expensive.”


Buyers for good quality property can be found all year round. With the marketing process having become far more sophisticated than in previous times, the issue of timing is less critical today than in the past. However, there are some important points you may wish to consider.

The time required to sell property that is accurately priced will typically vary between two and six weeks. Prior to placing your property on the market, allow an additional two weeks to prepare both the property and the marketing material.


Presentation of your property is a critical factor in achieving the highest possible price. This is similar to detailing a car before you sell it. The emotional appeal required to stir the spirit of the buyers is unlikely to be generated by a poorly presented property. And a neglected building sends out ‘warning signals’ to prospective buyers.

Lasting first impressions count! Create a positive mental picture.

While it’s never a bad time to brush up the exterior appearance of your home, if you’re planning on putting your home on the market any time in the near future, it’s essential. The outside of a property can determine in a matter of seconds whether or not a buyer will inspect the interior of the property. Wilting plants, un-mowed grass and peeling paint certainly won’t help. So what do you need to consider when planning an exterior ‘spruce up’?

Firstly, it can be very difficult for an owner to objectively view the outside of their property to determine what needs fixing and what doesn’t. Before you start, ask a real estate professional to complete an inspection and make a suggested list of improvements, which may increase the chances of selling quickly.

The following steps are exhausting, but remember you don’t have to do it all, some items may not even apply.

Open Airy Atmosphere

Illumination is welcoming. Drawn curtains are lovely but can tend to dull the atmosphere. Make sure your home has plenty of light. Dark rooms have no appeal.

DECORATE – set the scene

Colourful flowers and some indoor plants help to set the scene of tranquility. Place them strategically throughout the home.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

These are the most important rooms in the home and must be presented in a spotless and uncluttered condition. Fix any faulty plumbing, loose or broken tiles. Decorate these rooms with interesting and pleasant smelling items.

Arrange Bedrooms

Remove excess furniture. Use attractive bedspreads.

Small Repairs Make a Big Difference

Small things such as leaking taps, loose knobs, sticking doors, jamming windows etc put buyers on the defensive, this leads to your agent to make an apologise for the lack of maintenance. Minimise these annoyances. Flaws detract from the value.


Most people like pets, but some don’t. Make sure they are out of the way when buyers are coming through. Remove kitty litter trays and pet food bowls.

Excess Furniture

To much furniture tends to make rooms look small and cluttered. Take advise from your agent if it is considered a problem.

Paths and Driveway

Make sure paths and driveways are clear of clutter, especially children’s toys, weeds and other obstacles, such as overhanging branches. If there are any dangerous cracks in the driveway or garden paths, have them repaired.


Chipping or peeling paint is a major turn-off for buyers. So get out the brush and touch up any paint that’s not in tip-top condition. This includes fences, front doors, window frames and gutters. Even an inexpensive ‘do-it-yourself’ job will make a world of difference.


If your fences look like they’ll fall over in the next strong wind, get them fixed. Make sure all fences and gates close properly and do not squeak. A fresh coat of paint on fences will do wonders to enhance their look. Alternatively, new shrubs planted in front of a fence can actually draw the eye away from the fence.


Remove dead, dying or overgrown plants and cut back any landscaping to ensure your property can be seen clearly from the street. The best way to check this is to get in your car and drive past your house. Make sure lawns and gardens are neatly trimmed and edged and keep them well-watered whilst your home is on the market.

Outdoor Lighting

Make sure all outdoor lights are in good working order. Keep front lights on during the evening and make sure your street number can be clearly seen (especially at night) in case a prospective buyer drives past.

Finishing Touches

Put an attractive, new doormat at the front door and add a few colourful pot plants in the same vicinity. After all, you want your home to say, “Welcome, come on in!”

These tasks may seem like a hassle, but they’re well worth the effort if it helps to sell your home more quickly. Remember, your home will only have one chance to make a good first impression.

How to find buyers for your home

Buyers come from numerous avenues! The Internet is increasingly becoming the best source for buyers as more and more people use this method when they are looking for properties. Additionally, buyers from all over Australia can view your property including buyers from overseas. We now receive regular enquiries from the UK & Asia. The Internet is a global tool not just targeting local buyers. Almost 50% of our buyers first saw their property on the Internet.

As well having our own high-profile web site www.positionone.com.au, we are also linked to Australia’s largest real estate web sites www.realestate.com.au If you haven’t viewed them already, please do so.

Newspaper advertising. We find that the ‘Courier-Mail’ provides the best results of all print advertising. Buyers peruse the classified section with a fine-tooth comb. Therefore, for a few lines in the classified section, we receive as much inquiry as from a large colour advertisement, and for much less cost. The local suburban papers are fervently read by the local community and placing a colour advert will certainly bring a lot of inquiry.

Buyer database. We have so many buyers approach us seeking a new home that we formed a database with their specific requirements listed. The first action we take when a new property is listed, is to cross-check the database with the new property, and contact those buyers that match the criteria.

A For Sale sign at the front of your property is another great way to find buyers as many of them drive down the streets in the area they are seeking to purchase. The amount of calls from signs is quite astonishing.
Additionally, numerous buyers walk or drive past our office. We find it important to display all properties in our agency window whilst maintaining a pictorial sales directory in our office, where we sit with the buyers and discuss their requirements.

Method of Sale

There are a variety of methods to sell your property, given that not all properties are the same. Times change, so that which worked once does not necessarily work now! We want to do what works best for you and your property, ensuring it fits with what you want.

Whether it is placing a set price or simply a price guide on your home, or the option of ‘open for inspections’ versus ‘by appointment only’, we will explain the benefits of each choice and offer our suggestions.
There are two popular methods to choose from for residential properties: Private Treaty (Sale) and Public Auction. Each has its own advantages and it is advisable to speak to your agent about the benefits of each method.

What would you like an Agent to do for you?

  • To ensure the sale is a stress-free experience for you by handling the task of  negotiating with buyers and keeping you informed about what is going on?
  • To always give you feedback after inspections, wouldn’t that be great?
  • Be honest with you and give you both the positive and negative comments?
  • To care and understand about your needs and provide you with the best service?
  • To achieve the highest possible price for your property by negotiating with the buyer to obtain their maximum price?

Position One Property Sales