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Investment in property has always been a popular way to grow wealth. There is a reason for the saying, “As safe as houses.” The down side to real estate investment does not lie in the investment itself but in the administration of rentals and in dealing with the actual tenants. In theory, a rental agreement is fairly simple – you both sign a lease and the tenant pays over the money every month.


In reality, however, things are slightly more complex – there are legal issues to comply with and collecting the money from tenants can prove to be bothersome. In addition there are issues regarding the maintenance of the property and repairs that may need to be conducted. It can also be difficult to find the ideal tenants from the outset – as a private person; you do not have access to the credit checks, etc. that a professional real estate management company would have.


For most investors, having a property management company on hand is an essential part of their investment strategy. The small fee paid over to the company is well worth the time and effort that they save you. Position One Property is one of the most highly trusted and professional companies in this industry and they aim to make your role as a property own as trouble-free and lucrative as possible.


What sets them apart is their attention to detail. They leave no stone unturned in the effort to maximise your possible returns. Not only do they carefully vet tenants beforehand, they conduct regular inspections to ensure that your property is being properly maintained and also so that they can alert you to potential repairs, upgrades required. They do not consider their jobs complete even at this point – they also conduct regular reviews of the rentals so that your income is maximised.


You are kept fully appraised of the status of your rentals through monthly statements and can elect to receive the money on either a monthly or fortnightly basis. They will ensure that the money is collected timeously and have a number of procedures in place that will reduce the risks of rental arrears as far as possible.


They also provide you support by supporting the tenant – should the tenant need repairs to be conducted or have any queries about their lease and conditions of lease, they can contact the company directly – should it be necessary, Position One Property will then contact you. This means that you will not be bothered by minor maintenance issues, etc.


Property Investment BrisbaneOne of Karen’s property owners sums it up quite nicely, “Service and reliability are important to me. I’m a client of Karen’s but my tenants are also a client of myself, and I think it’s very important that I have service and reliability. Because my properties are serviced my clients are serviced and I can relax.” It is important to keep good tenants happy in order to retain them and a lot of agencies overlook that.


Most of Position One Property’s clients agree that the most important aspect for them is that the properties are managed reliably. Craig says, “Karen has managed a block of home units for us for about 8 years. In that time I have a found Position One Property to be the most professional and reliable property managers I have come across in the last 25 years.


For outstanding property management, contact Position One Property and know that your investment and future comes first.

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