Gaining Entry to Rentals

Where rentals are concerned, there are always certain rights a tenant has. One of these is their right to privacy and quiet enjoyment of the property. Although the property is owned by someone else, they are still entitled to go about their lives as they wish provided it is not illegal or disruptive to the owner or nearby residents. Part of being able to enjoy their lives as normal is that the owner or rental agent may not enter the premises whenever they wish or without the appropriate notice. As always, there are specific guidelines to follow regarding this.


When there is a need for the premises to be entered, either by the owner or the Brisbane real estate agent, an entry notice (form 9) must be issued. The time that entry is made must be reasonable for the tenant and if it is not then the tenant may ask for a more suitable time to be arranged and this will need to be done as soon as the notice is received. Entry to the premises is not allowed in between the hours of 6pm and 8am Monday to Saturday and not at all on Sundays or public holidays. If the owner or agent wishes to enter outside the acceptable time periods then they must gain agreement from the tenant. There also needs to be a 2 hour time period specified for entry time however this does not apply to tradespeople.


Of course if these rules are not followed it is considered against the laws for tenancies and tenants can complain to the RTA. Depending on the reason for entry depends on the amount of notice to be given. In most cases the amount of notice required is a minimum of 24 hours, this is for instances such as showing a prospective buyer or tenant the premises and the like. If the premises are to have a routine inspection then the tenant needs to be given 7 days’ notice and this may only be done once every 3 months. If a breach is found on inspection and a follow up visit is needed to check this has been remedied then the agent only needs to give 24hours notice however the Brisbane property management agent has 14 days after the breach notice is issued to carry out the follow up visit.


Form 9 Rentals


In all situations if there is any clarification needed then you can talk to your property manager. By following the rules all parties involved can enjoy a trouble rental free agreement.

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