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Owning an investment property means you will be on the lookout for the most qualified and most recommended professional real estate available. Finding the right property manager is extremely important to the astute investment property owner as the intention of the rental is to generate an income for the owner.


This means, if the property is well managed then the owner will enjoy the best rental returns possible thanks to the placement of reliable tenants. However, if the wrong property manager is selected then the commitment may be a financially straining one with more issues than the owner had hoped for.


When you list your investment property with Position One Property you are assured of the very best service with the most knowledgeable property managers in Brisbane. Leaders in their field, Position One Property do their best to meet the needs and expectations of their clients at all times. If you’re wondering what Position One Property can do for you, keep reading.


The importance of information

The team at Position One Property understand the need and importance of getting information to investment property owners.


As with all relationships, communication is the key to functioning well and they commit themselves to fostering a healthy client relationship with each of their property owners.


Progress and activity reports are given and members of the ‘One Club’ will enjoy loyalty rewards, updates for investors and monthly newsletters packed with information that is relative and valuable.


The right people

Only the best tenants will be placed in your investment property. Thorough screenings are carried out on each rental application including reference and security checks as well as a check with Tenancy Information of Australia where defaulting tenants are listed.


Once Position One Property is satisfied that the tenants are suitable, the relevant information will be provided to you for your consideration and approval. Once these tenants are approved by you the company undertakes to carry out regular inspections for which they will provide you with a thorough report.


Investment Properties


The best advice at the right price

The company offers invaluable advice regarding your investment from possible budgeting for up and coming repairs to the importance of taking out landlord insurance. Their fees are equivalent to the industry standards and well worth every penny.


If you would like to be supported by a property management team who do what they do for people like you, visit them online at https://www.positionone.com.au/ today.

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