A Tenant’s Needs Should be Important Too

In a rental agreement you might be thinking that the person with the decisions to make is really the lessor, or landlord, however as a tenant it is important to recognize that you have a say in the property that you rent too. When searching through Brisbane real estate for a home, unit or apartment to rent you have to be certain that the location you have found is realistically going to offer you all the amenities that you need to feel comfortable and call it a home.


You want to be certain, before you sign a lease agreement, that this location has the amount of space you need, offers the in-home amenities you need to live, is in a good location and is safe. For a family, it is rather impractical to seek out a one bedroom apartment or home, or if it is a single individual then too much room can be considered a waste of space. If you need your rental home to have a washer and dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher etc., those are also considerations that need to be made before you decide that this is the place for you.


When determining whether or not the location of a rental property is right for you it is important to consider the places that you frequent the most, are they within a ten minute radius from this location? Are you comfortable with the distance that they are from your home? You should also consider the part of town that the apartment you are interested in is at. If you are in a community that has higher crime rates, which can be typically found online from your local police department, then perhaps you should reconsider your decision.


Tenants rightsAnother important consideration to assess in your decision to rent a property are the requirements of the property managers Brisbane, you want to ensure that you can meet all their provisions for living in their home. Part of this entails that you read through the leasing agreement thoroughly, from the first to the last page, to ensure that you understand all their requirements and the penalties for non-compliance. Your property managers Brisbane can further explain to you what he or she allows and does not allow on the property, for instance some will not allow you to garden or will not allow you to paint your walls.


As a new tenant you should be certain that your potential new home is clean and to your standards of living. If for some instance it is not don’t be afraid to thank your Brisbane real estate professional and ask to see the next
property. You have a say in your next home too!

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