What to Know About Pool Safety Laws When Selling Real Estate?

With the stringent safety regulations surrounding pools, a real estate owner may get lost around the things that need to be considered before putting the property up for sale. Pool safety laws have been established to ensure the safety of people who will be using the pool. Queensland put up the regulations to avoid drowning accidents that have been the cause of many death incidents among children. Real estate owners are required to comply with the pool safety laws before they can be allowed to put their property on sale.


Before a Brisbane real estate property can be put on the market, any pool included in the property must first become listed in the official pool safety register. Being registered in that list means full compliance with the regulations on pool safety. Upon compliance, a pool safety certificate will be given by a licensed pool safety inspector. The certificate will remain valid for two years for non-shared pools and one year for shared pools. When the certificate expires, the property owner will again ask for re-inspection of the pool.


Property owners need to choose a highly capable and reputable pool inspection company that will help it throughout the process of getting pool safety certification. A good pool safety inspection company would be able to help the property owner in getting registered, or if the pool does not meet the pool safety requirements, the inspection company would guide the property owner on the changes that need to be done. The inspector will be responsible for checking the pool fence, gates, retaining walls and even the trees and shrubs around the pool to see if they meet the set safety standards. Once it has been determined that the pool is compliant, it would take a few days for the certificate to be issued.


Pool Safety Laws


Brisbane property managers who have broad experience in pool safety certification can help property owners meet compliance requirements since they know which pool inspection companies are good at this work. When a pool is found to not meet the safety standards, the pool inspection company would give the property owner a detailed report on why the pool is not meeting the regulations. In some cases, the pool inspection service officer may perform minor repairs, if the property owner so agrees, so as to make the pool comply with the regulations.


To promote the safety of children using pools, stricter regulations have been established to cover pool safety. Property owners and managers have to be mindful about choosing agood pool inspection service to help them with the compliance process.

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